Consultant. Author. Speaker. Trainer

“I love solving problems or eliminating them and finding or creating solutions.  I inspire and support clients in their develop of innovative strategies.”

Maria Todd is an award-winning international management consultant, trainer, and author. She brings a fresh and practicable perspective on healthcare business administration, healthcare cost containment, and health travel business development.  The former CEO of Mercury Healthcare International, she holds more than 40 copyrights, is the author of 19 internationally-published books, holds several registered trademarks including one for a new term of art in healthcare, and a pending patent on new software inventions.

Managed Care Contracts 

Analysis, Negotiation, Pricing and Shared Risk Arrangements

Medical Tourism

Destination Development, Marketing, Branding, Operations

Investor Services

Market Insights, Due Diligence, Ideation and Product Development

Self-funded Employers

Direct-with- Provider Contracting, Cost Containment, Due Diligence, Medical Travel Programs