Maria Todd is an award-winning international management consultant, trainer, and author with a fresh perspective on healthcare business administration and health travel.

The former CEO of Mercury Healthcare International, and holder of 40 copyrights, a registered trademark for a new term of art in healthcare, and a pending patent, has returned to independent consulting in 2019.  


Making a difference together!

  • Guadalupe Healthcare Network & ACO (TX)
  • City of Superior, Wisconsin (WI)
  • Brian Kaufman, DO, (ME)
  • Adelbert Evangelista, MD (AZ)
  • Stephens Memorial Hospital (TX)
  • Martin County Hospital District (TX)
  • Sophos Capital Management (CA)
  • Seymour Hospital (TX)
  • Tunisia Health Tourism Assn (TUN)
  • Texas State Office of Rural Health (TX)
  • Texas Org Rural & Community Hospitals (TX)



"I love that I can now focus on consulting and writing and training without the responsibility of running and marketing a larger firm."

Healthcare Cost Containment

Options from Maria Todd

Mercury Health Travel

Do you represent a health facility, surgeon or ancillary provider ready to contract directly with employers for surgical case rates, rehab or second opinion telehealth consultations?

Mercury Health Travel has U.S. employers looking for domestic medical travel solutions providers offering high-value options on orthopedics, cardiac, cancer, executive checkups, general surgery, spine surgery, and more. Get in touch and let's get you inspected and ready to contract directly with self-funded employers who want to refer plan participants to you.  (800) 727.4160