Maria K Todd, MHA PhD is a trusted adviser to the healthcare industry in the USA and abroad.

Maria K Todd

"I love that I can now focus on consulting and writing and training without the responsibility of running and marketing a larger firm."

Maria Todd is an award-winning international management consultant, trainer, and author with a fresh perspective on healthcare business administration, healthcare cost containment, and health travel business development.

The former CEO of Mercury Healthcare International, and holder of 40 copyrights, a registered trademark for a new term of art in healthcare, and a pending patent, has returned to independent consulting in 2019.  

Why I love consulting in the healthcare industry

I love solving problems or eliminating them. I enjoy finding or creating solutions. I love teaching and watching my clients “get it” right before my eyes. The spark. The confidence. The joy. The enthusiasm. It is priceless!  That’s also why I love training and organizational development. In the training and development setting, these reactions happen often and they send people home with new skills and confidence to try. It’s okay to fail. 

I never let them off easy either.  I always charge them to share and transfer the knowledge to others. I don’t mind if you record what I say. I don’t mind if you videotape the consultation. Traditional coaching assumes that the client already has the answers – and the coach helps execute. I find that when people ask me for help when I speak at events or I’m featured in interviews in industry publications or they’ve read my books, what they are really asking for is 1-on-1 access to me for the burning questions they have. They don’t have the answers. They are stuck. They want guidance about how to proceed so they can meet their objectives and key results. If they had the answers and all they needed was for me to do the work, that’s called an employee or a contractor; not a consultant or mentor. There’s a huge difference.

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