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Established in 1983, Maria Todd's consultancy focuses on helping clients plan, launch, grow and thrive in today's chaotic healthcare business environment. Her specialties include: managed care, physician and hospital integration, medical tourism, concierge and direct pay medical practices and healthcare marketing and branding.

Her clients are clinicians, healthcare ancillary service providers, hospital managers and executives, and investors. She brings them the skills, tactics, and strategies and deep market knowledge needed to negotiate better insurance reimbursement contracts, appeal and overturn complicated and high-dollar denied claims, and improve revenue management operations. She's helped develop over 400 integrated physician groups and health systems in the USA and abroad. She helps independent and hospital-employed physicians plan and launch concierge and direct pay medical practices. She also helps hospitals, academic medical centers and independent physicians surgeons and dentists create and execute new medical tourism business strategies.

Maria Todd solves healthcare managed care challenges and boost negotiated rates by teaching clients how to differentiate their brands, articulate their brand strength to insurance companies and third-party payers and present their outcomes data to insurers, employers, and labor and trade unions during pre-contract negotiations. She also helps physicians, practice administrators and hospital managers negotiate physician employment contracts and when necessary, helps them mediate and settle disputes. For physicians who have decided to step away from third-party reimbursement contracts, she helps them set up a truly private pay business model for membership-based concierge medicine practices in primary care, internal medicine sub-specialties and functional medicine.  Investors seek her opinion and deeply specialized market knowledge to validate claims and business rationale in business plans and merger and acquisition opportunities.  Finally, she helps government public health and health finance authorities to source rare and complex healthcare services unavailable in their own country as a medical attaché working closely with Embassy representatives.

What differentiates Maria Todd from other consultants?

In "So Good They Can't Ignore You," author Cal Newport says that what makes ridiculously successful people so successful is they're experts at practicing— they can push themselves to the exact limit of their skillset and thus expand their abilities day after day — called deliberate practice.  This deliberate practice -- the researching, blogging each day, explaining things to clients, distilling complex constructs is what differentiates Maria as a consultant, expert and influencer.  She arises each day at around 4:30am, feeds the cats,  brews a cappuccino and heads to her desk to read, research, and write the blog articles and books that you find here and on LinkedIn's Pulse and other online blog outlets and social platforms and bookstores. She's authored 19 internationally published books. She has presented more than 2000 workshops and MasterClasses, seminars, webinars, and training programs.   This deliberate practice and industry generosity is what differentiates her from those who value sleep more than success.

Maria Todd leverages a combination of experience  developed over three decades in healthcare marketing, business operations and management, and third party reimbursement contract analysis and negotiations. She brings "from the trenches" experience as a surgical nurse and medical group practice administrator, an ASC administrator, IPA Executive Director, and hospital business office and revenue management work. She also has deep experience working on the health plan side in provider contracting at a senior management level.

When readers apply the contracting and business principles she writes about in her textbooks and blog articles, they increase their revenues by about 10–15% in the first year and another 5–10% the second year. When they attend her Master Class workshops, they learn even more about how to pivot, change and revise their payer contracting and business development strategies by incorporating brand messaging into their mindsets, skill sets and tool sets.


  1. She brings over 35 years of expertise in six complicated areas of healthcare business administration and strategy.
  2. She is not afraid to decline project invitations that aren't within her realm of expertise.
  3. She listens carefully and gives her undivided attention to clients.
  4. She offers specific recommendations.
  5. She is an exemplary good steward with other people's money.
  6. Her project deliverables are precise.
  7. Her pricing is predictable and reasonable. 
  8. She delivers measurable results.

Maria Todd's client list includes universities, government agencies, hospitals, medical groups, fellowship programs, pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers, investors, and employers curious about contracting directly with medical providers. 

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Maria Also Helps Clients with

  • Regional and National Health Tourism Destination Development
  • Health facility accreditation and re-accreditation preparation

  • U.S. and international health policy development

  • Expert witness testimony and litigation support

  • Media interviews and public relations

  • Healthcare payer/provider dispute resolution




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