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Healthcare C-Suite Retreat with Maria Todd


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At your location or an alternate location of your choice (USA or International)

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Integrate leadership development with high performance team development and organization development an realize positive organizational change and results.

Balance today’s drive for results with a leadership style that supports people and a healthier work culture, leaders today invest in developing their Emotional and Social Intelligence competencies, the so-called “star competencies” of highly effective leaders and professionals.

Team building retreats are perfect for custom-designed “key issue / opportunity” Break-Out Team exercises, where small teams produce powerful ideas, recommendations, and “take-away” action plans for positive change after the retreat is over.

“Take away” action plans and action teams are assigned during and / or after the retreat for results-based implementation. This also creates an ROI and ROO (return-on-objectives) for your executive retreat investment.

Large group facilitation is intended to build a more positive organizational climate and morale. Maria Todd facilitates innovative Town Halls or “All Hands” Meetings, and transform the groupthink through powerful two-way communication & open engagement sessions between leaders and managers or staff or defined work groups. 

Alternatively, to effect positive change in contracted reimbursement, contract analysis and negotiation and align with a strategy, for example, the team (contract analysts, negotiators, revenue management line managers, denials and appeals technicians, refund clerks and C-Suite representatives with authority over brand, message and financial goals) works together to decide strategy and develop the script or action plan to execute on it.

These sessions can also leverage “all the right people in the room” for idea brainstorming and recommendations for positive change or strategic “war games ” to “kick start” action steps and rehearse action steps during and after the meeting.

Appreciative Inquiry methods engage groups in a positive thinking, “strength finding” planning process to build a desired outcome or Future state based on what is working well in an organizational system or team.

Teams focus their action plans based on expanding and building out on “strengths” and positive behaviors that bring energy and life to a complex situation.

Open Space is an active group engagement method that helps a group address key issues, opportunities, and important topics.

  • The group “self organizes” around the high priority issues into small teams, based on where there is the most passion, energy, high priority complex issues and develops an initial framework solution to the issue.
  • Small self-organized teams report back to the full group for open dialogue, and action teams / plans are made to resolve the issues and to implement solutions after the retreat.

Decide the personality of your brand, identify the gaps, and set goals for work environment, mission, values, ethics, brand touchpoints, customer expectations, and incremental goals. Patients, employers and insurers demand this from you.

Sales training for healthcare organizations tends to focus on marketing to third-party payors and group health plans that may not realize your innovative value proposition that can help them realize cost containment goals and objectives through high-quality, high-value provider contracts. Training your team how to articulate your best competitive and comparative advantage to prospects to gain more referrals, more revenue and raise brand awareness and value reputation.

Organization Development & Team Building Locations

Since 1983, Maria Todd has implemented over 2,500 highly interactive organizational meetings, retreats and conferences for healthcare executives in the U.S., and internationally. She brings healthcare executives together to achieve consensus on organizational change, strategic planning, physician leadership development, team building and self-directed work groups, and skills training. 

She’s available to lead or facilitate healthcare C-Suite retreats in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Baltic, and across the African Continent.  Contact Maria Todd to help your leadership team and executives accelerate positive change in your organization.

Retreat Facilitator:

Maria K Todd

Training Needs Analysis

Prepare for Maria's arrival and get the greatest value from your event with a training needs analysis by answering the following questions:
FREE $700 value
Work with Maria to plan training sessions to close knowledge gaps. Discuss your time frame and training budget to see how much training you can complete in this event. Discuss priorities and deadlines with Maria to derive the most ROI from each session.
  • What Are Your Organization's Goals For The Year?
  • What Change is Necessary To Meet These Goals?
  • What Skills Do Your Staff, Managers and Leaders Need?
  • What Skills Do Your Staff, Managers and Executives Currently Have?
  • What Knowledge Gaps Exist Within Your Organization?
  • What Training Will Help You Close These Training Gaps?
  • How Often Will You Repeat The Training Needs Analysis Process?

Tie organizational development and skills training to business results and outcomes.

Identify solutions to your most pressing business, process, and operational areas for change management and organizational development
$ 3500 Per Day Onsite (plus travel)
  • Develop your teams / groups with powerful skills and methods of communication, collaboration, teamwork, and trust.
  • Develop individuals, leaders, and leadership teams to learn and adopt high performance attitudes, emotions, and behaviors; and make personal action plans & team agreements to sustain these attributes and behaviors.
  • Implement a variety of highly effective change interventions, interactive group facilitation methods or retreats & conferences with your teams that focus on high priority issues and opportunities.
  • Sustain your progress over time with additional targeted facilitation, team coaching and learning modules based on your evolving needs.
  • Tangibly measure your results (business results & behavioral results) over time using a variety of organizational assessment or team assessment tools.
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