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AskMariaTodd™ is the leading Medical Tourism Training provider of health tourism consulting services, workshops, presentations, on-line and on-site training for investors, government authorities, hospitals, clinics, ASCs, practitioners, ‎facilitators, clusters, and hotels, resorts and spas.

Health Travel Training

Let’s take the first step together and help you succeed in health tourism and medical travel with the training you need to get through launch and profitability.
We are here every step of the way.

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BASED IN THE USA, WE WORK & train both U.S. & international

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No other consulting firm in the health travel industry has more experience, longevity, reputation and internationally-published handbooks authored. We’ve built a solid reputation for successful outcomes over the past 38 years in the medical travel business. 

We specialize in both inpatient and outpatient/ambulatory programs.

We brings hands on experience to the training, not just theory and ideas. We don’t sell accreditation or certifications. Instead, you get knowledge transfer for what works, what doesn’t, next steps, and practical proven advice you build your program, train your staff, market your product and realize revenues, margins and success.

Whether you need 15 minutes, an hour, a day or a week...we are here to help you.

360° Training Solutions

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Our measure of success is defined by our clients. Whether you seek operational improvement, internal cost containment, staff capacity development, assistance with insurance scheme contracts, marketing and branding guidance and strategy, or higher revenue and margins, we can help.

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As an investor, you need facts, information, strategic guidance, and expert insights. You need to read the market, its potential, its shortcomings, gaps, and ways to identify real investment opportunities.
The ERDB, IMF, WHO and economic and tourism development authorities in 116 countries outside the USA have hired Maria Todd to assess their health tourism collaborator assets laws and regulations to transform ideas into products and programs and accelerate business development that books revenues and profits. They've trusted her guidance to build national strategy, special taxation and FDI programs to build growth, train for capacity, and launch program and policy for health tourism.

Hospital/ASC Administration

As an administrator, you need practical ideas, information, strategic guidance, and expert insights. You need to read your market, identify your ideal customers, address internal gaps, and determine if you and your staff are ready to attract international and domestic health tourism patients to purchase your health travel products and program.
As a former hospital and ASC administrator and current business development director of a thriving North American ASC, join the hundreds of hospital administrators in the USA and 116 countries to show you how to convince your Board, Trustees, Physicians and support staff to design your program, plan workflows and market your services to achieve revenue growth and margins.


As an facilitator, you need training, details, contract templates, checklists, guidance, and expert insights. You need tools, tips and techniques to examine and inspect facilities, hospitals and know how to verify professional credentials. You need to read each market, its potential, its needs, gaps, and challenges to create sellable solutions.
Maria Todd is one of the very rare consultants and trainers in the industry who personally operates a thriving facilitator a profitable, thriving and compliant facilitator business model for medical tourism care coordination and travel facilitation. Maria Todd generously shares lessons learned from the depth and trenches of "been there, done that" in her textbooks and courses.

Physicians & Dentists

As a health practitioner entering health tourism, you need guidance, practical insights into what works, assistance with creating a brand that stands out from your local and international competitors. you have neither time nor money to waste on theory and unproven advice. Maria has guided thousands of physicians in the USA and abroad to establish a health tourism program and product that goes beyond appointment setting and helps to differentiate you from novice commodity sellers. Want references? No problem!
Trust Maria Todd to point you in the right direction, arm you with strategy and help you execute this unique and interesting extension of your practice.

Government Authorities

As an public sector authority or regulator, you need facts, information, strategic guidance, and expert insights into what will work in your market and destination. You need an advisor with an objective eye with the courage to be brutally honest with you and help you increase arrivals, create jobs, tax revenues, and draft policy to protect consumers, support equitable growth and development private sector, attract investors and develop your destination as a top of mind health tourism choice.
Maria Todd brings hands on experience, draft legislation examples and lessons learned from her project assignments over the past 38 years all around the world. Her prime objective is to help you build a product and program for health tourism that's uniquely and differentiated, practical and profitable.

Cluster Managers

As a cluster developer or manager, you must provide the leadership and facilitate the leap from individual stakeholder to trusted and equitable regional coordination of health tourism sector growth for cluster members. You may need guidance to organize as a public, private partnership that works closely with 9 pillar authorities and hundreds of health practitioners, ancillary suppliers, and health facilities.
Maria Todd is the only consultant in the world who has guided more than 400 integrated health services clusters to measurable success, revenues, and workflows across the 17 operational areas for which clusters are accountable. She also authored 5 internationally published books to explain cluster development and process management.

For Every Challenge, There's a Solution that Works

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

In health tourism and medical travel there’s an abundance of generalist consultants all over the world who truly believe that theoretical and cookie cutter solutions they’ve read about or applied in the past from other industries easily transfer to health care.  They hire on, do their thing and leave for their next conquest. They only want the big ticket, week-long gigs. Or they come with the intention to use the consultation as a means to convince you to buy something – event sponsorship, advertising, accreditations and certifications of dubious value, and more.

Is that really what you want?

Our team delivers the training you need the way you want to receive it. Big project or a quick 15-minute sounding board and practical guidance, we’re here for you.

we will assist you in any issue or problem related to health tourism

We help you grow your health tourism business by bringing you expertise, experience, lessons learned, document and contract templates, exhaustive checklists, and an array of tested model standards and draft regulations. We bring the mix of clinical, operational, marketing, and legal experts to answer your questions and help you grow. We design courses, training and telephone support to meet your unique needs.  And we can provide hundreds of references from around the world who have already benefited from our training and mentorship. 


Live operators are available to take your call around the clock every day of the year.

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