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Events & Training

All New for 2020!

35+ Years

Providing Master Classes & On-site training to 75K+ health care industry professionals since 1983.


Get the training you need to grow in your career and grow your business.

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Maria Todd is the leading trainer in the world on:

  • Managed Care Contract Analysis & Negotiation
  • Medical Travel Program & Destination
  • Physician Employment Contracts
  • Physician Integration & Alignment
  • Concierge Medicine, and
  • Transparent Surgery Pricing

Maria offers training support professional development at all levels

It is possible to spend a lot on training and not get much out of it – so it is important to make sure that you use training dollars where you will get the most value.  Credible trainers always guide you to the training that is right for you and your team. Maria does just that! Explain your situation and training needs and get her best recommendations – even if it means sending you to a different trainer.


Drives awareness and factual recall; appropriate for those interested in furthering their development in core skills around project, program and portfolio practices and methodologies.


Builds on understanding existing knowledge; appropriate for those interested in using content in practical applications to master concepts through practicing skills


Focuses on project implementation of highly technical or detailed deliverables to support organizational strategy.

New for 2020!
Physician Employment
Physician Integration
Concierge Medicine
Employer Cost

"Her Courses are Amazing!"

"The courses that Maria Todd offers simply aren't available anywhere else!
Not at colleges or universities, not through MGMA, HFMA or SHRM, not at vocational-technical centers or any of the road show seminar companies. Don't wait to register because her courses and Master Classes sell out almost overnight."

"Negotiating managed care contracts can be intimidating and confusing. They often appear one-sided and unfavorable leaving providers to feel powerless. People end up feeling they need a lawyer to decipher this cryptic language. I flew all the way to St George, Utah to attend training with Maria Todd on “Introduction to Managed Care for New Hires” when I took over the Assistant Director of Managed Care position in my organization and I needed training on how to review and effectively negotiate contracts. The training was phenomenal, very informative and very detailed. Maria pointed out all the important terms and clauses to look out for, how to develop your contracting strategy and how to emphasis your brand value by distinguishing your services among competitors. After attending this training, I felt more empowered in my approach to negotiating contracts and asking for terms and rates that meet my organization needs. I started reviewing contracting with different eyes. Highly recommended!"
Gabriela Marinescu-Cruz, CPCS, CSMC
ACACIA NETWORK - Assistant Director of Managed Care | New York
"I recently met Dr. Maria Todd to learn more about possible medical travel ideas for my workplace. I was extremely impressed with the level of knowledge Dr. Todd has, not only on medical travel, but on the entire issue of healthcare in the United States and literally worldwide. I learned more from Dr. Todd in our few hours together than I had in years. I highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Todd if you need information on the many aspects of healthcare delivery and cost containment options."
Jean Vito CPA
Former Director of Finance & Sr. Administrative Officer | Superior, WI

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Join over 75,000 alumnae

Maria Todd has been teaching courses on complicated subjects in healthcare business administration, quality, cost containment, revenue management, managed care, health tourism and other topics since 1983.


Most of her courses in 2020 will be scheduled in St George, Utah (Airport: SGU).  For 2020, Maria has lowered course fees by 40% to reflect lower overheads for venue costs and elimination of significant travel time and expenses by hosting her events at this amazing Southern Utah golf and tourism resort destination with all-year sunshine.
Join her in St George, Utah to learn a new skill or a refresher course this year.

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2020 Course Calendar

MARCH 2020

Out of an abundance of caution, all March and April programs have been converted to webinars or rescheduled for later in the year.

APRIL 2020

Maria Todd designs her Master Class workshops to cover:
• What students want to learn
• What they can't get in other courses
• The pain points
• What students worry about most
• The biggest headaches, heartaches and hassles
• The most urgent, pervasive and expensive problems encountered

Call 1-800-727-4160 to speak with Maria Todd today.

Whether your budget is based on the fiscal year, the calendar year or some other time frame, when nearing the end of cycle and you find yourself with leftover budget, consider arranging some training or workshops with Maria Todd. Start with these ideas: 

  1. A design thinking workshop: New service lines, new technologies, new procedures, new programs? This workshop gets you to think about your customers, their use cases, and the way your products and programs help them. Use this time to conduct a focused workshop and get your team into a design-thinking mindset so you create better products. programs and innovation solutions. 
  2. Improve business processes: Whether your key initiatives next year involve better contracts, bundled price development, price transparency, inbound health travel and domestic medical tourism, or some other new innovation or program development, you will be changing business processes. Invest in a thorough business process analysis to understand your current state, identify areas for improvement and map out a path to realize a better future.  Maria examines elements such as business productivity impact, cost, effort and risk that become a roadmap for improving project management, establishing clear roles and responsibilities and increasing customer satisfaction. 

With so many options from which to choose, don’t let this rare opportunity go to waste!


Train on Topic, Train Onsite

Minimize downtime, disruption and expense by scheduling an onsite training event. Maria Todd offers a variety of niche focused healthcare business administration course topics offered to meet specific business needs and organizational goals. Tasked with ensuring professional development training across an entire hospital, ASC or group practice?  Maria’s got you covered.

Do you need to engage your employees in training new hires or creative problem-solving or brainstorming session refresher skills for seasoned staffers? Need to boost team spirit and morale when you reward employees with professional skills training incentives that keep paying for themselves over time? That’s her specialty. Address skill gaps, for  just-in-time learning needs, mandatory training, and courses that just aren’t offered at most professional societies and associations with Maria Todd’s custom-designed onsite training.

Sample of Available Sessions

Health Tourism Cluster Development Sessions

Maria’s most popular courses can be customized to your organization’s requirements at no additional charge!

  • How to plan, launch and grow your health tourism cluster – step by step
  • How to create your destination brand- Identifying your best strategy to compete globally
  • How to identify your best target source markets and ideal clients and offer the products and services they prefer
  • The best marketing tactics and strategies for health tourism clusters in the USA and abroad
  • Managing cluster operations and governance for independence and sustainability
  • Group insurance and employer contracting for health tourism clusters
  • Making the leap from individual provider to destination cluster: raising all boats in the harbor with PPPs

Payer Contracting Sessions

Maria’s most popular courses can be customized to your organization’s requirements at no additional charge!

  • Managed Care Contract Analysis
  • How to Effectively Push Back on Aggressive Payer Negotiations
  • Building Transparent Bundled Price Case Rates for Inpatient and Outpatient Surgeries
  • Negotiating Shared Risk Agreements
  • Accelerating Cash Pay Payments

Call 1-800-727-4160 to speak with Maria Todd today.

Before selecting a trainer or course, first consider what you really need.  Start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What level of training do you need (a high-level overview, a deep dive into a particular aspect of a subject, executive strategy and tactics, something else?)?
  2. Who should participate in the training (decision makers who need to buy into the strategy and tactical approach or practitioners and admin staff)?

Maria will guide you in selecting the best course for you and your team.  If a trainer does not ask you a lot of questions or try to understanding your needs OR if you feel like you are getting a one-size-fits-all approach, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Training courses from $3500/day plus travel.

No limit on class participants.

Private Training Events for 2020

November 6-7  Hollywood, Florida (Private client training)

Private Training Events for 2021

March 24-25  St George, Utah  – AskMariaTodd™ training room (Private client)

Setting the Standards for Managed Care Continuing Education and Training

Since 1983, the Managed Care Institute has conducted various instructor-led, virtual, and online training classes in support of its mission.  Through these learning events, MCI helps current and aspiring Accredited Training Providers incorporate quality, credibility and excellence into their continuing education and training programs.  

Setting the Standards for Health Travel Continuing Education and Training

Since 2003, the Center for Health Tourism Strategy has conducted various instructor-led, virtual, and online training classes in support of its mission.  Through these learning events, CHTS helps current and aspiring Accredited Training Providers incorporate quality, credibility and excellence into their continuing education and training programs.  

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