Price Transparency for Physicians

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In this webinar, listeners will clear up the confusion surrounding price transparency and walk listeners through current price transparency and surprise billing regulations and requirements. Learn about price methodologies and models, bundled service arrangements, how you'll be affected by price transparency and how your practice can prepare for compliance. Listeners will take back new perspectives to competently evaluate pricing models and best practices to maintain their adopted pricing models.


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Physicians and medical groups need to consider the broader implications of price transparency and make informed, strategic decisions to develop transparent defensible pricing strategies and prepare to comply with evolving regulations and marketplace pressures.

The penalties of noncompliance and failure to evolve with market pressure for price transparency will compromise revenue and expose your practice to fines and sanctions or worse... payer contract termination and lost opportunities.

But price transparency has many dimensions. One is the effect on competition. Does your brand align with the prices you charge? Do you have a brand people recognize? Or do you appear to be a commodity just like any other surgeon or specialist in any location? What makes you appear to be worth the price you charge?

3 Focus Areas

Setting Prices

Pricing is a strategic tool that reinforces your brand image and can drive or defend market share. Selling your services through contracted health plans and PPOs at discounted prices without any defensible algorithm can damage your brand and diminish your perceived value!

Is Price Your Only Competitive Advantage?

Are taking the focus from the value you provide as a specialist or surgeon and placing it squarely on your price?

Are you charging too little?

Better margins and stronger brand equity comes from articulating your quality and improving targeting and positioning with patients, employers, and health plans.

Prepare to comply with price transparency regulations and market pressures

Who Should Attend?

Relative novices and those with lots of experience will benefit from the webinar. Come away with a fresh and practical slant that will push you to rethink your assumptions about physician price transparency and price integrity.

Who Should Listen?

  • Physicians and their practice administrators 
  • Managed care contract analysts
  • Billing and collections managers
  • Revenue cycle staff
  • Pricing analysts
  • Hospital-based medical group chargemaster staff
  • Patient financial services directors/managers
  • Compliance officers

12+1 Key Takeaways

  1. What data do you need to be able to set defensible prices 
  2. How to protect yourself against underpricing 
  3. Why brand and prices “matter” and how they align
  4. What about risk-based contracts with payers?
  5. What to do about latent ambiguity (Latent ambiguity is that which does not readily appear on the face of an offer. It becomes apparent only in the light of knowledge gained from a collateral matter.)
  6. How price transparency will affect physician competition
  7. Evaluating like and similar services
  8. Adjusting prices for multiple procedures
  9. Adjusting for multiple markets/service areas
  10. Pricing for time-based services vs flat fees
  11. Contracted payer discounting strategies 
  12. When (and how) to review and update prices
  13. Partnering with other providers for bundled price services

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Other Details / Instructions

Webinar system requirements and program materials: 
To fully benefit from the webinar experience, please note you will need a computer equipped with the following:

Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, with JavaScript enabled 
Internet: 56K or faster Internet connection (high-speed connection recommended) 
Streaming: for audio/video streaming, Adobe Flash plug-in or Safari browser on iOS devices 

Prior to the webinar, you will receive an email with detailed system requirements, your login information, presentation slides, and other materials that you can print and distribute to all attendees at your location. 

Participation in the webinar is just $259 per site. All materials must be retrieved from the Internet. 

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