Analyzing & Negotiating Shared Risk Agreements®

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In this complete masterclass course Students will learn how to analyze and negotiate shared risk agreements for contracts featuring: Value-based Payments, Capitation, Pay-for-performance, Bundled case rates, and more!


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You already accept clinical risk.
Control the amount of financial risk you accept by payor contract

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Master Classes with Maria Todd

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Moving to risk can be complicated and frustrating for not for profit community hospitals and for profit hospitals alike. Maria Todd eliminates much of the guess work that drives up risk and builds a pathway to prepare and manage risk contracts as part of the change from Fee for Service to Value-based Medicine. She is available to bring this program to state and regional hospital associations and medical societies or individual medical groups and health systems. Analyzing and Negotiating Share Risk Agreements® is a powerful, one-day, interactive workshop with the doyenne of managed care contracting. Maria Todd.

Most of her alumnae agree that they knew what they wanted to achieve, but they weren’t sure how to go about getting it. Managed care payer negotiation is not linear. Payers view the value of a healthcare provider differently than the healthcare provider sees itself. They also push claims cost risks to anyone gullible enough to take it. No matter how diligently you prepare – you will always encounter surprises. Some surprises infuriate you, some frustrate you, and others change your perspective.

3 Focus Areas

Types of shared risk arrangements in the marketplace

Trends, examples, lessons learned

Reading the contract to analyze & identify Risks

Locate and neutralize potential financial risk land mines

Learning what to ask, how to ask, and how to interpret the answers you get

Locate and neutralize potential financial risk land mines

Prepare to enter negotiations with confidence and competence

Who Should Attend?

Relative novices and those with lots of experience will benefit from the workshop and will give you a fresh and practical slant that will push you to rethink your habits and assumptions about Payer contract analysis.

11 Key Takeaways

  1. What kinds of shared risk arrangements are possible
  2. How to protect yourself using risk-corridor models
  3. Why contract dates matter more than you might realize
  4. How risk arrangements are constructed
  5. How to evaluate a capitation contract (where you are paid a flat fee, per-member-per-month)
  6. How to evaluate hospital contracts that feature shared risk, bonuses and penalties
  7. A checklist of questions to ask and clarifications to obtain before you sign.
  8. What to do about latent ambiguity (Latent ambiguity is that which does not readily appear on the face of a document. It becomes apparent only in the light of knowledge gained from a collateral matter.)
  9. How disputes are resolved
  10. Best practices for shared pharmacy risks in the hospital and clinic setting
  11. How to ask for and interpret plan participant demographic data​

Registration Fee Includes

• 7 hours live, interactive Master Class instruction
• Multiple checklists and templates
• Course slides and materials on USB
• Software application to speed up contract review
• Certificate of Completion

Dress Code

Resort Casual

What to bring to class

Laptop to use your USB class materials (Power strips will be supplied)

Contract analysis requires super-sharpened skills that many people lack. Actually, there are very few places to learn the tactics and strategies to analyze and negotiate shared risk contracts. The stakes are too great to proceed without training. You could use a checklist, but you often, people only use the checklist for what is printed on the paper and completely overlook what is missing that should be included. You have to know what is missing, how critical it is, why it should be there, and what it should say. And that’s exactly what Maria Todd teaches in this Master Class on Analyzing and Negotiating Share Risk Agreements®.

Once you learn HOW to analyze a shared-risk contract, perils and pitfalls you didn’t see before will almost glow from the paper. Your critical thinking skills will improve and you’ll be less likely to overlook a detail that could cost you millions in lost revenues.

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2020 Class Dates

  • Wednesday, January 22, 2020  – St George, UT
  • Wednesday, May 20, 2020 – St George UT
  • Wednesday, September 23, 2020 – St George, UT

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