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Why have more than 400 primary care and specialist physicians in the USA and abroad awarded their trust to Maria Todd with their concierge and cash pay medical practice startup and transition since 2008?


For more than 11 years, Maria has helped physicians step off the “hamster wheel” of traditional managed care business models and unfair HMO and PPO contracts to pursue a different business model for their practice. Maria  brings hands-on knowledge and experience of medical practice startup, launch, and operational know how along with physician professional branding, marketing, and amenities-based “product” development to physicians and nurse practitioners and hospital-owned concierge medical practices.  

She’s converted practices to various models of independent concierge and cash pay practices into thriving simple micropractices, “two-tier” practice models, hybrid practices that choose to retain their HMO-PPO base, and helped them to achieve their target membership numbers and revenue goals in record time. 

What happens when clients engage with Maria as their consultant to help grow their concierge and cash pay medical practices?

primary care example

average annual concierge medical practice revenue
*Cash pay practices don't have the same overheads as traditional HMO/PPO/Medicare practices so average annual net revenue is higher per patient

Targeting and connecting with the right patients, the right services mix, and a unique product/program coupled with affordable pricing makes all the difference in concierge medical practice growth and profitability.

Are you ready to transition to a concierge or cash pay practice?

How Maria Helps You Start or Transition Your Practice

  • Program concept and strategy review and assessment
  • Analyze and review your existing HMO/PPO and Medicare Advantage contracts for continued participation or termination
  • Analyze your existing practice base, if any
  • Develop and negotiate sub-contracted provider/supplier agreements with ancillary services vendors / partners
  • Review of pricing methods and price integrity
  • Strategic assessment of concierge and DPC medical practices at local level
  • Marketing, branding and program promotion – Don’t be the best kept secret!
  • Adding additional service lines – stem cell? executive checkups? weight loss? and more
  • Set up patient membership financing and membership billing for those unable to pay in full
  • Operations and implementation – after you build the program…then what?
  • Staff training and development – there’s no academy to learn this specialized knowledge
  • Marketing, branding, website, social media set up – turnkey ready to manage on your own

Hundreds of physicians trust Maria Todd to help them with any aspect of concierge medicine practice transition, program development, marketing, and operations.

Don't share 50% of your membership revenue with a concierge medicine franchise network for 5+ years just so you can get "free" consulting services.

How much should you budget to hire Maria Todd to help you plan, launch and support you for your first year?

A reliable estimate is about $4000 down + $1000 a month for 12 months. (0% interest).


The first and only internationally-published, peer-reviewed workbook designed to guide you through the design of your program and product vision, goals, and to articulate your unique brand benefits for your ideal patients.

Maintain your professional autonomy, enjoy the luxury of having adequate time with each patient in an intimate private practice setting, define your business model your way, set attainable income and revenue goals, eliminate patient and membership billing, and work the hours you prefer with lowered practice overheads.​

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