Benchmarking & Comparative Analysis in Medical Tourism

Benchmarking & comparative analysis in medical tourism helps clinics and hospitals use the information to find the right approach for market success

A 4-hour workshop available to add to any event or conference as a pre-or post conference workshop.

Benchmarking is defined as a continuous process of analysis, in which a medical tourism hospital or wellness clinic’s products, services, and procedures are compared with those of its most competitive rivals. After establishing the comparison, weaknesses can be identified and should be replaced with better methods for improved performance and better clinical outcomes. The targets of this process are to increase customer satisfaction through quality improvement and reduce costs through process optimization across the areas of organizational development, goals, strategies, quality management systems, cooperations and affiliations, standards, and other areas.

There are different types of benchmarking, which are differentiated primarily between internal and external comparative analysis. In the first method, comparisons are not carried out with the strongest competitors, but only within a company and its various departments. Maria Todd clearly conveys to your employees this principle of “comparing and contrasting,” by linking together different targets, measures, advantages and disadvantages with the help of definitions and diagrams in her hands-on, interactive workshop.

Maria Todd will share benchmarking criteria she has used and perfected after more than 30 years in medical tourism business. She will also address the most frequent articulated objectives of health and wellness tourism stakeholder suppliers including hospitals, clinics, physicians, dentists, rehab centers, hoteliers and spa operators interested in growing their medical tourism collaboration potential. She will also review technical checklists that participants can implement immediately upon return to their facilities and share links to enable workshop participants to easily obtain additional information on their own. These include definitions, infographics, and explanations, pros and cons, internal and external benchmarking tools and information on how to implement the analysis.  Charts, graphs and tables are also shared so that participants can learn how to present and comprehensively convey this complex system of comparative methods on their return to their organization.

The top 3 learning objectives for the workshop

  1. Examination of the benchmarking types (process, product, strategy, performance)
  2. Understand the distinction between external and internal benchmarking
  3. How to implement your findings

Program ID: D2748

How to offer this workshop at your next medical tourism conference:

Contact Maria Todd for details, schedule availability and pricing. +1.303.823.4662

*This workshop is also for private hands-on learning at your hospital, clinic or other medical tourism facility or hospitality establishment.


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