Agile Marketing for Health and Wellness Tourism

Agile Marketing for Health and Wellness Tourism

A 4-hour workshop available to add to any event or conference as a pre-or post conference workshop.

Agile marketing is a high-communication, low documentation, rapid iteration process designed to provide more frequent, more relevant and highly measurable marketing programs. This is a necessity in medical and dental tourism (health and wellness tourism of all types, actually) because this sector works on the basis of short marketing cycles. Each cycle must include planning, launch and measuring the marketing program, and then adjusting it to correct for misinterpretations and oversights, or address new epiphanies after the first release.

These iterative marketing processes adapt to any market situation within a short time frame. Consecutive cycles improve the marketing programs and increase the transparency of the process because feedback can be immediately implemented. Agile marketing enables a less expensive route to the marketing message and distribution than traditional longer cycle campaigns. Agile marketing is also something that if you master it, you’ll need less consulting assistance and can do more in-house.  This approach is based on the principles of agile (project) management and was originally created for software development. Maria Todd explains how this works in a 4-hour interactive and hands-on workshop designed to explain and practice the Agile Marketing process.

Maria Todd will share marketing processes she has used and perfected after more than 30 years in medical tourism business. Break through conventional methods and create efficient and flexible marketing programs by staying adaptable during the whole process. Medical tourism marketers will be able to show better interest in customer’s demands and improve their internal stakeholder results and team spirit. When applying agile iterations, you will always be flexible.

The key learning objectives for the workshop:

  1. Maria shares definitions, worksheets and flow charts used in the process
  2. Build effective communication messages that keep the team on track and focused on results instead of noise
  3. Pathways to innovation that facilitate easier implementation of an innovative and agile marketing concept for your health and wellness tourism business or service
  4. “User Story” templates

Program ID: D2704-PM

How to offer this workshop at your next medical tourism conference:

Contact Maria Todd for details, schedule availability and pricing. +1.303.823.4662

*This workshop is also for private hands-on learning at your facility or organization.


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