8 of the worst examples of dental marketing

Today, I’ve decided to address some of the atrocious examples of dental marketing communications copy I’ve witnessed in a long time.

I was glancing through the pages of a local lifestyle magazine that featured the Best Dentists in Denver, Colorado. As I scanned the display ads for the  “Winners” of the recognition, I found myself examining their ad copy to determine what was so different about them. Now, to set this up, you have to picture me at 5:30am, in my nightgown, at the dining room table with my cappuccino in hand. The cats are fed, and have returned to their respective “spots” settling in for the post breakfast nap. the husband asleep in the Master Bedroom, a houseguest in the Guest Bedroom. And here I sit, alone, roaring with laughter out loud as I read these atrociously ridiculous chunks of text. The first words as I laugh a deep belly laugh, are “Oh My God!  Who wrote these? What were they thinking?”  I made so much noise that the houseguest arises to see what all the commotion is about.

So here is what was so funny


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