Health & Wellness Tourism – Morocco

Guests seeking a health and wellness tourism experience in Morocco can find therapies based on indigenous traditions and ingredients.

These holiday breaks afford guests with insights into how others stay healthy throughout the world. These spa resorts offer travelers the opportunity to make cultural connections through such activities as dance, yoga, gastronomy, and other elements to enrich body and soul.  Nearby, medical procedures are available for those seeking cosmetic treatments and surgeries.

Morocco (Maroc)

Selman Marrakech Thermalism Spa & Resort
Selman Marrakech Thermalism Spa & Resort

After four years of construction at the base of the Atlas Mountains, The Hotel Selman in Marrackech opened featuring black and white zellij tile work and other intricate Moorish details. Accommodations include five guest riads, which are typical Moorish houses, each with a private garden and pool that rent from about USD 1300 – 2200 per day,. The treatment feature here is curative clays, but they also offer hydrotherapies, and facial masks for skin rejuvenation. An added attraction are their 16 Arabian purebred horses that roam the property when not at the stable.

Morocco is making great strides forward in health and wellness tourism. Although the segment is not as well-developed as its Eastern European and Asian neighbors and Tunisia, in some respects, it benefits from a combination of advantages, such as proximity to Western Europe, a pleasant climate, and the availability of numerous low-cost flights to the kingdom. Many Moroccans are fluent in both Arabic and French (and also, in the north of the country, Spanish), making it an particularly attractive destination to both patients from the Francophone world and from Arab countries, which are a lucrative and increasingly important source market for the country. In that way, it will compete directly with Tunisia in the near future.

One of the greatest challenges to the Moroccan medical tourism industry is that the bulk of the country’s cosmetic surgery facilities not convenient to main tourism hubs – but that too is changing. A new health care city being built by an Emirati firm in the kingdom’s tourism capital Marrakech that will target foreign tourist and retirees seeking treatment is under way, highlighting an increased amount of investor interest in the sector.


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