Medical Tourism Facilitator Checklist – Site Inspections

Checklists help you standardize your inspection process as a health tourism facilitator and care coordinator at the surgical facilities in your provider network. When I inspect a healthcare facility that may be added to my medical tourism provider network, I evaluate the facility from many different angles. The basics include quality, safety, licensing, accreditation,...

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The Nonsense of Medical Tourism Market Reports

Caveat Emptor! Comes now, the never-ending promotional hype of totally useless, misguided medical tourism market analysis reports. This trend of new market researcher houses preying on “wantrepreneurs” with cash burning a hole in their pocket and a desire to leapfrog ahead of competitors the easy way is actually replacing the attraction of...

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International SEO – Standing Broad Jump or Flying Leap?

I find a major gap in healthcare professionals’ understanding of the nuances of international marketing and SEO. They have no clue about the nuances of international SEO and how it can impact a medical practitioner’s global digital strategy to attract patients from foreign countries. International SEO considerations go much further than...

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