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To check dates, fees and availability, please call +1.800.727.4160

Maria Todd spellbinds her audiences as a prominent international keynote speaker and trainer

Maria accepts speaking dates as often as her schedule permits because she loves to watch audiences' faces light up when the "Aha" moment occurs. Once you've decided on your event dates, call or email Maria's office for a list of topics she can cover and to discuss speaker fees and travel requirements.  The best audiences for her presentations include healthcare executives and managers, physicians and other practitioners, investors, and government health policy and regulatory agencies.  Watch as she delights them with tools, tips and stories that teach. Her sessions are often described as intense, interactive, inspirational, transformational and educational.  Audiences leave her sessions with action items and a clear plan on their next move.  Don't be surprised when they demand you bring her back to learn more at your next event. She appears as a featured keynote speaker and prefers sessions that are small, focused Master Classes, Workshops, Seminars, Webinars, Onsite Training, and Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops. She's delighted to work with you to produce full-, half- and multi-day programs.

Telephone (800) 727.4160

Date Confirmations and Expenses:
Confirmed bookings require a deposit to hold dates. She will tentatively hold dates pending receipt of your deposit for five calendar days. The balance is due 30 days prior to her departure to travel to your event or coaching session.  Once booked, deposits are non-refundable but can be applied to a future rescheduled event or private coaching session.  

If your budget isn't sufficient to hire her to present in person at your event, ask Maria Todd if a remote presentation or webinar is possible at a reduced fee. 

Healthcare industry consultant Maria Todd focuses on improving the financial, operational and strategic performance of healthcare clients, worldwide.

She offers consulting, coaching, training workshops and Master Classes on managed care contracting, health tourism, concierge medicine, physician integration and marketing and branding for healthcare practitioners, facilities and other healthcare industry providers.

Maria supports clients in the development of contract reimbursement strategies, contract analysis and negotiation, clinically integrated networks and integrated health delivery networks, population health solutions, concierge medicine, worksite health centers, access to international health services, and physician employment contracts.

She delivers a global perspective to regional provider organizations.

Her clients include hospitals and health systems around the world, independent physician group practices, employed medical groups, and academic faculty plans, investors, and government health, tourism, and economic development authorities.

How to Work with Maria Todd

Coaching and Consultation:

Arrange a private  confidential consultation or strategic coaching with Maria Todd. Begin by scheduling a complimentary 15 minute initial discussion with Maria at a mutually convenient time to explain what assistance you need. Let us know if you require a non-disclosure agreement prior to the discussion.


All work is performed on receipt of an advance retainer deposit. This keeps our prices as low as possible by reducing bad debt and invoice frequency.  Quick, limited-scope projects are often priced by the hour. The hourly charge applies to work performed in our office. The terms of Maria Todd's fee agreements include office costs and expenses chargeable to the client for copying costs, the cost of electronic research services, transcript costs, mailing costs, travel costs; fees for other experts, research assistants and consultants, if needed; file retention costs, any duties or requirements that survive the termination of the contract or completion of the work (such as non-compete provisions that prohibit Maria from accepting assignments from your specific competitors, etc.)

Projects that involve travel:

For example, while performing office work on an hourly basis, Maria charges a minimum fee for on-site consultations and speaker appearances, that take longer than four hours in a single day, inclusive of travel to and from your location. When Maria travels to your location outside of St George Utah, she charges a minimum fee to be away for 4 hours or less, and a per day minimum fee when she is required to be away from her office longer than four hours.  Travel expenses are also charged.

Travel expenses:

When out of town travel is required, a per diem is charged in addition to the minimum fee to cover accommodation and other related incidental expenses for each night out of town.  GSA CONUS rates are used as a reference in the Continental USA, and EU Per diem rates are use as a reference outside the Continental USA.

Government projects are often priced on a fixed price agreement inclusive of travel fees and costs. For a fixed price contract, the terms of the project are spelled out in Terms of Reference (ToRs) by the client. TOR details include estimated work hours and days on-site, completion dates and other specifics of the service. The fixed price is stated in the contract and not subject to change aside from mutually agreed upon revisions or flexibility built into the contract terms.

Retainer Agreements:

To have an expert on retainer means that the client pays the expert a set amount each month. In return, the expert performs work whenever the client needs them. Retainers are most useful for business that need frequent small bits of assistance, but do not have enough work to hire the expert full time.  A retainer fee may be negotiated and paid on a fixed, pre-negotiated rate or on a variable hourly rate depending on the nature of retainer. For example, clients desire to arrange exclusivity so that their direct competitors are unable to engage Ms Todd for the time period stated in the retainer agreement.  In these cases, the retainer covers the restriction to refrain from doing work for other specific-named clients. A retainer agreement may incorporate other contractual provisions and additional fees to cover the performance of services and clear and unambiguous terms if the work you require exceeds the monthly budget. 

Contingency fees: (special restrictions may apply)

Maria will work on a contingency fee agreement for a percentage of fees recovered when working on denied claims appeals. Contingency fees may exceed her hourly fees for the same services,  but the client does not have to pay any fees out of pocket, and if the recovery is less than expected Maria's fee is reduced in proportion to the recovery.  Contingency fee agreements are limited to claims that exceed USD $30,000 in allowable charges. *Maria reserves the right to decline denied claims appeals that she does not believe are viable or collectible.


Single and multi-day consultations are available at your location. Or, you may decide you prefer to meet in a sunny and warm relaxed setting in St George Utah, (112 miles north of Las Vegas) at the AAA 4-Diamond rated luxury resort at the  Inn at Entrada Golf Resort and Spa.  Please call or email her scheduling secretary to learn more and check Maria's availability.

Speaking, Workshops, Master Classes, Seminars, Webinars, and Training:
Maria will speak at your upcoming event. Please don't delay because her availability is limited and personal appearances are often confirmed 18-24 months in advance.  If there's a conflict with a previous engagement, consider a remote presentation or have her put you on the waiting list if a cancellation or opening occurs.  Click here to view on-site training, webinar and keynote speaker fees and frequently asked questions.

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