Physician Employment Contract Consulting

Maria Todd has been consulting to physicians and physician extenders helping them analyze and negotiate their employment agreements since 1983.

How Maria Can Help Physicians and Mid-level Practitioners (e.g., NP, PAs, Midwives, etc.) negotiate employment agreements to work in the following settings:

Contract Reviews

photo of Maria Todd reviewing physician employment contractFind Loopholes and Risks

Nobody likes being taken advantage of.  Physicians and physician extenders assume professional liability risks at every patient encounter. Read More

Medical Groups

Maria Todd helps medical groups to negotiate physician employment contracts with new hiresMedical Groups of Any Size

Experienced and post-graduate physicians and mid-level practitioners (e.g., physician assistants, advanced practice registered nurses, nurse practitioners, Read More

Hospital Employment

Maria Todd helps hospitals and physicians negotiate physician employment contracts to work in the hospital settingAlternatives to Private Practice

The trend towards hospitals employing physicians narrow is well established. More than 57% of physicians in America are now employed by hospitals Read More

FQHC Employment

Maria Todd assists FQHCs to negotiate physician employment contract with full time and part time physicians and mid level practitioners.Terms of Employment

FQHC employment sometimes comes with terms that permit the FQHC to offer loan repayment. This is because most FQHCs are part of safety net centers Read More

Non-clinical Settings

Maria Todd helps physicians negotiate physician employment contracts for consulting and advisory roles outside the realm of direct patient care.Advisory Roles

Maria Todd has been helping physicians to negotiate independent contractor service agreements as a part-time or full-time clinical adviser.Read More

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