Hotel and Spa Collaboration Criteria for Medical Tourism

A Workshop for Hoteliers and Alternative Accommodation Providers

The Hotel and Spa Collaboration Criteria for Medical Tourism Workshop helps hoteliers to assess readiness to participate in medical tourism partner collaboration in their region.

This 4-hour workshop can be offered at any location around the world. Add it to any event or congress as a pre-or post conference workshop.  Help your hotels prepare to be surveyed for Approved Hotel status in the world’s largest health and wellness tourism network – with Mercury Health Travel.

Mercury Health Travel is the longest established and most prestigious Corporate Medical Travel Benefits Administrator in the world.  Mercury Health Travel’s Approved Provider network offers employer and labor union insurance plan beneficiaries total choice in medical and wellness travel with destinations across the USA and 120 countries.



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Hospitality partners in health and wellness tourism create their own unique value-mix within the sector from an extensive range of partner and client requirements aligned with specific types of medical tourism patients and their companion travelers. An almost limitless array of business objectives can be met by most hospitality partners that offer a clean and modern facility, a commitment to service excellence, an attractive destination, a commitment to guest safety and security, healthful food choices, environmental sustainability, and triple aim satisfaction within their medical tourism strategy.

Maria Todd will share inspection criteria she has used  and perfected after more than 30 years in medical tourism business. She will also address the most frequent articulated objectives of hoteliers and spa operators interested in growing their medical tourism collaboration potential. She will also review technical checklists that participants can implement immediately upon return to their facilities and share links to enable workshop participants to easily obtain additional information on their own.


The top 15 learning objectives for the workshop

  1. Strengthen your company/destination competitiveness in medical, dental, spa and wellness tourism
  2. Build effective networks of collaborating hospitals, clinics and other referral partners sources
  3. Compare yourself to competitors/identify your strengths & weaknesses
  4. Promote your commitment to exceptional health and wellness tourism hospitality excellence
  5. Identify and feature your success stories and humanistic
  6. Train your team
  7. Understand and anticipate partner, market and client-need trends and requirements
  8. Conduct business with other health and wellness tourism facilitators, coordinators and agencies
  9. Build supplier-client relationships with medical tourism facilitators and health and wellness tour operators
  10. Communicate your company’s expertise, products & services to client and referral sources
  11. Network with others to exchange business leads
  12. Form partnerships, mergers, consortia or user-groups
  13. Host health and wellness tourism events, fams, and meetings
  14. Understand and promote best practices relating to health and wellness tourism hospitality industry
  15. Understand the economic importance of health and wellness tourism industry opportunities

Program ID: D1792

How to offer this workshop at your next medical tourism conference:

*This workshop is also for private, hands-on training workshop for your team at your hotel.

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Speaker, Author, Medical Tourism Marketing and Strategy Expert


Maria Todd is a trusted adviser and expert specialist to hospitals, clinics, governments, healthcare business owners, investors, and independent professionals. Clients call on her to help them do a better job of marketing, branding, or contracting with insurers and employers, and to grow their business.

Maria is the CEO of Mercury Healthcare International, in Denver, Colorado and the founder of Mercury Health Travel, the leader of the Health Tourism Practice Group of Mercury Advisory Group, the Executive Director of the Center for Health Tourism Strategy, its research and education resource center, and a Board Member and Advisor at Higowell, the world’s first health tourism operations platform. She has been recognized as an Academician with the Ukrainian Academy of Rehabilitation and Human Health and is a member of the Scientific Committee of Termatalia in Spain. She is also a Board Member at Global Health Connections, a nonprofit organization associated with the University of Colorado MBA-HA program.  In years past, Dr Todd was a member of the AAA Diamond Ratings team and a mystery shopper for Maritz Research. She also brings surgical nursing and case management expertise to this health and wellness tourism body of knowledge.

She is the author of 15 internationally-published business improvement books in healthcare administration and health tourism.

Invite Dr Todd to speak at your next event.  She presents a compelling workshop of interest to tourism and economic development officials, foreign investors, healthcare strategists, hoteliers and healthcare partners.


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