Can Surgeons Operate a Concierge Medical Practice?

Can Surgeons Operate a Concierge Medical Practice? Concierge Medicine is a membership fee model of private practice that physicians adopt and build a product and a program for patients who need ongoing continual care over the course of a year. Many surgeons operate an “episodic” practice that has a defined beginning and ending of...

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Customer Mind Control

Make brand awareness and engagement an obsession. Focus on increasing your brand footprint. When your brand is your customer's first thought to solve a problem or fill a need, you've achieved mindshare....

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Are You Overlooking Your ASC’s Secret Marketing Weapon?

Most Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) don’t have an internal marketing expert on staff. Many feel they cannot afford one, while others simply haven’t considered it. Which group describes you? I recently attended my second Becker’s ASC event in Chicago in as many years. Much to my surprise, when people in the exhibit hall and...

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