Medical Tourism Stakeholder Analysis

A proper medical tourism stakeholder analysis takes all interest groups into account

A 4-hour workshop available to add to any event or conference as a pre-or post conference workshop

Every entrepreneurial activity has to consider the interests of shareholders as well as of other groups which are directly or indirectly connected to the organization’s decisions. In health and wellness tourism, these stakeholders can be employees, clients, suppliers, marketing collaborators, or even the state and society. A specific examination of their relationships towards the medical tourism provider allows the detectability of risks and preemptive solutions in an early state. That’s what Maria Todd covers in this thought provoking workshop designed to propel new medical tourism businesses towards successful launch and sustainability of their project.

Maria explains to the audience how the undertaking of a stakeholder analysis includes the use of a checklist designed to evaluate different interest groups. She shares the checklist with the workshop participants and facilitates hands-on learning as workshop participants work through the decision-making process in four steps: defining stakeholders, analyzing their relationships, evaluating possible risks and formulating an engagement plan. She also shares a mathematical method called Analytic Hierarchy Process helps to make reasonable decisions. Included in the workshop, participants take home an entire toolbox of tools, tips, tactics and techniques.

Workshop participants learn:

  • how to display relationships in an organized way so that investors, stakeholders and others can understand their goals and give buy-in quickly
  • how to use tools supplied in the workshop to identify and balance risks

Take home tools include:

  • A worksheet designed to help participants work through the four steps to carry out a stakeholder analysis
  • A comprehensive list of external and internal medical tourism stakeholders
  • Models to explain Power, Legitimacy and Urgency
  • A template stakeholder map to detail medical tourism stakeholder relations with other stakeholders
  • Templates for different versions of a Project Environment Analysis
  • An Influence-Interest Matrix that elucidates the expectation and influence of each stakeholder
  • A way to examine interests, expectations, relations and roles of the various medical tourism stakeholders
  • Tables to list and evaluate individual medical tourism stakeholders so none are accidentally overlooked
  • Tools to develop various visual matrices (influence-interest, portfolio, goal, preference)
  • A tool to implement the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  • Templates to plan measures to define issues faced, with whom, and at what priority level
  • Simple to use Communication and Reporting Plan charts and diagrams to keep you on track for timing of milestones and to present an overview of the medical tourism business launch

Program ID: D2461-PL

How to offer this workshop at your next medical tourism conference:

Contact Maria Todd for details, schedule availability and pricing. +1.303.823.4662

*This workshop is also for private hands-on learning at your facility.


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