The Economic Potential of Medical Travel Business Development

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Maria Todd and her team of experts have completed tourism economic impact studies in 120 countries.   Cities, states, regions, and countries across the world benefit from a pre-development situation assessment and feasibility studies and medical tourism and health travel destination brand creation prior to launch and marketing of their health and wellness tourism and travel products.

Maria and her team bring experience developing Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSAs) as ratified by the UN as the global standard for measuring the economic value of tourism. Clients benefit from capacity development, training and a better understanding of tourism’s role in the economy.

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Maria Todd brings over 35 years of medical tourism and health travel business development, operations and quality management experience to your project. Her team of experts add another 250 years of combined experience working with governments, suppliers, and investors to achieve their full potential.  Together, they deliver results, actionable strategies and next steps, and credible analysis of health tourism market potential, remediation of false starts and stalled or failed program initiatives. Avoid purchasing expensive, commercially-prepared, generic market reports that are prepared by non-experts for this complicated economic development strategy. Hundreds of destinations and suppliers trust Maria Todd and her experts to help them make better marketing, investment, and policy decisions. Clients use these interpretations and applications of their outputs to make the tough decisions facing them.

Maria Todd is headquartered in St George, Utah (Airport: SGU) and the team operates from cities throughout the USA, Europe, the Caribbean, LATAM, Asia, CIS, and the Middle East. Over 30 contracted experts are prepared to help you depending on the needs of your project through each stage of project progression. We have found this working model to be an optimal approach to sustain high quality at a lower cost than a full-time employment model with a high head count of highly-paid experts leasing commercial office space in a central business district.

Talk with us – No obligation or charge for your initial discussion

I am eager to learn about your project. Call me to discuss your medical tourism and health travel program initiative or current challenges. My team of experts and I are here to help you achieve your objectives and succeed with this lucrative economic development project for your city, state, region, our country. +1.800.727.4160 (Call anytime day or night for fastest response. Our phones are live-answered around the clock. If you call outside of operating hours, we’ll return your call at our first opportunity.)


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