8 of the worst examples of dental marketing

Today, I’ve decided to address some of the atrocious examples of dental marketing communications copy I’ve witnessed in a long time. I was glancing through the pages of a local lifestyle magazine that featured the Best Dentists in Denver, Colorado. As I scanned the display ads for the  “Winners” of the recognition, I found myself...

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Tutte le strade portano a Roma per il turismo medico

Tutte le strade portano a Roma per il turismo medico – (All Roads Lead to Rome for Medical Tourism) I recently spent three days with the Universita Campus Bio Medico di Roma, performing a preliminary market and operational assessment and strategic planning consultation. The polyclinic recently was accredited as an academic medical center by...

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Book Review: Primal Code

The seven components to the Primal Code adapted to medical tourism startup strategy, plus one example I applied about each. In one of the most highly-praised books of its kind, cited by YouTube as a best practice, Patrick Hanlon explains how the most powerful brands create a community of believers around the brand, revealing the seven...

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Medical Tourism Product Development

Medical tourism product development is more than the sum total of elements to make the product. It must first be designed and produced, and ready for sale. Too often, we encounter new clients who truly believe they are actively in the business of medical tourism. They rarely have all the elements to pull together...

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7 Attributes for Long Term Sustainable Competitive Advantages in Health Tourism

Disruptive marketing strategies for medical tourism are built around differentiation that provides at least three long term sustainable competitive advantages. Long term sustainable competitive advantages in medical tourism put a destination (and its premium providers) on the map, gain visibility, claim top of the mind dominance in specialty, and capture premium market share. Celebrate unique...

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7 Questions to Help Tell Your Physician Brand Story

Even the most unknown physicians, hospitals and clinics have a physician brand story to tell. As brand consultants, we help our clients uncover these tales when they answer these seen questions for us. To gain media coverage for our clients and their brands, we must be able to find interesting stories and share them in an appealing and simple...

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China Medical Tourism: A buyer or seller of services?

China Medical Tourism: A confusing topic at best. Is China an inbound or outbound medical tourism market? Many of us in the industry are confused by what we read and hear when considered in the context of what we see when we visit. At best, the Chinese citizens show us that they are leaving...

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Medical Tourism Facilitators: What’s Your USP?

The most successful medical tourism facilitator businesses are based on being unique in the marketplace somehow. I’ve owned a medical tourism facilitator business, so I know exactly how difficult that is to offer something that nobody else does. But by doing that, you make your competition irrelevant. In 2009, I began the documentation process to...

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