Brand Building for Healthcare Practitioners

When a physician practice attempts to establish a professional brand that differentiates it from its competitor physician practices, the first place to begin is by determining who is its ideal customer. Brands are far more than a logo, a color scheme, or an advertising campaign.  “Living Brands” maximize the experience at...

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Healthcare service design

Healthcare organizations tend to focus around products and delivery channels and customer-facing outputs, while internal processes (UX, employees) are overlooked. Maria Todd focuses on these internal processes in this latest article on medicaltourism and healthcare #servicedesign. Service design is not a new concept. It's been around since 1982. Lynn Shostack...

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An Example of How NOT to Sell Health Services or Medical Tourism

Last night, over dinner, my husband and I were discussing one of my clients’ marketing and advertising challenges. That’s not strange, because he has a MBA from a very distinguished graduate school (Claremont) and he was in Mu Kappa Tau, the National Marketing Honor Society founded in 1966 by members of Pi Sigma Epsilon,...

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