Maria K Todd, MHA PhD is a trusted adviser to the healthcare industry in the USA and abroad.

“I love solving problems or eliminating them and finding or creating solutions.  I inspire and support clients in their develop of innovative strategies.”

Toll Free: (800) 727.4160

Maria Todd is an award-winning international management consultant, trainer, and author with a fresh perspective on healthcare business administration, healthcare cost containment, and health travel business development.  The former CEO of Mercury Healthcare International, and holder of 40 copyrights, a registered trademark for a new term of art in healthcare, and a pending patent on new software inventions.

I'll help you set up direct-with-provider contracts, show you how to save on diagnostic and surgery costs, or to set up a medical travel benefit program.
If I can't save you money, there's no charge.

I’m not a producer, I don’t sell insurance, TPA services, or PBM services.  I consult on a flat fee basis and apply my knowledge of ERISA and Taft Hartley and my clinical experience and insights to look at historic and predicted claims spend and determine if you may be able to save trust dollars in other ways no one has shared with you, has you psyched out on how difficult it is pursue other or additional cost containment options, or flat out doesn’t want you to know about. 

For Self-funded Employers

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