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I recently met Dr. Maria Todd to learn more about possible medical travel ideas for my workplace. I was extremely impressed with the level of knowledge Dr. Todd has, not only on medical travel, but on the entire issue of healthcare in the United States and literally worldwide. I learned more from Dr. Todd in our few hours together than I had in years. I highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Todd if you need information on the many aspects of healthcare delivery and coverage.
Jean Vito, CPA
Director of Finance & Senior Administrative Officer at City of Superior, WI
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Since 1995, I’ve helped self-funded health benefit plan administrators design and manage their company’s medical travel benefits. I introduce them to providers willing to sharpen their pencils and contract directly with employers at much lower rates than prices available through TPAs and ASOs or Reference-based pricing arrangements. Realize hard dollar savings with lower costs for the trust and plan participants and higher benefit satisfaction.

I come to you with no dog in the race. I am not a broker or agent. I have no network to sell, no PBM deals. I keep the TPAs, ASOs, and others honest. I charge an hourly fee for my time and answer questions and assess claims spend. If I travel to your location, I charge at actual cost for travel expenses.

I will help you negotiate directly with providers to eliminate middleman charges for surgical episodes of care under transparent, predictable, pre-negotiated case rates that include pre-op, destination and post-op care and outcomes and benefit satisfaction measurement. Provider settlement is managed as an extra-contractual payment by your TPA or ASO or, alternatively, you can pay these claims through a smaller, focused, TPA that can process single-line-item, bundled surgery claims from any provider in any country without hidden fees and costs.

You don't need to send employees to foreign countries to get these prices!

But if you have employees stationed outside the USA, I can recommend hospitals and surgeons in more than 116 countries that I’ve personally inspected and assessed for quality and safety. There’s no need to fly them all the way back home to get good quality care.

Maria Todd in the OR in Pamplona Spain

Pharmacy tourism benefit programs help self-funded employers and plan participants access high-cost prescription medications from the same manufacturers and with the same formulary, but at lower prices.

I’ll provide you with a company-branded prescription discount card for your group that saves on FDA approved medications at more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. No charge. Just send me your logo.

I design executive checkup programs to help companies protect their top talent when those who run the show neglect their health. Convenient one- or two-day examination programs at interesting destinations, worldwide, accommodate busy schedules while supporting the long-term wellness and productivity of senior executives.

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