Cigna launches its first ever international brand campaign

Cigna launched its first ever international brand campaign, targeting young, global, mobile individuals as it seeks to grow its business in key international markets.

In addition to the U.S. market, Cigna, based in Bloomfield, Connecticut, offers insurance services in 30 other countries including Canada, China, India, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, and Turkey. The global market is a key growth area for the company, which reported that its global customer base grew 4% to 15 million customers in 2015 compared to the year before.  The target demographic for this campaign is expatriates living abroad, on both long-term and temporary assignments, who need help navigating their local medical systems.

Cigna’s global positioning message, which aims to convey the company’s overarching goal as a health services and insurance company. “These two phrases are applicable anywhere in the world,” said Stephen Cassell, Cigna’s global branding officer, “and we viewed that connectivity from a strategy perspective, using it to emphasize the importance of having a trusted health insurance partner that will go above and beyond for you.”  The campaign is comprised of a series of 30- to 60-second ads that will run in Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and Spain. It will leverage digital formatting because people always have their phones on them.

The campaign is aimed at the increasing number of Americans working overseas. It’s objective in this campaign is to help connect customers to the local medical systems as they engage in other important things and adjust to their new environment.  If you are a medical facility or clinic that is ready both culturally and linguistically for American patients working in your region. Now is your time to step up and tap Cigna on the shoulder for a network participation agreement.  If you need help analyzing the contract offer, contact Maria Todd for assistance. (!+1.303.823.4662)


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