Perils & pitfalls of methodological nationalism in medical tourism

Maria Todd discusses the perils and pitfalls of methodological nationalism as it relates to reports published about medical tourism PRICE COMPARISONS ATTRACTIVENESS COMPARISONS MARKET VALUE COMPARISONS In Social Science, Methodological Nationalism is a term used to describe an intellectual orientation and pattern in scholarly research and many commercially prepared advertorial and promotional pieces that conceives of the

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Former Hospital Owner Gets Over 5 Years in Prison for Paying Illegal Referral Kickbacks

 A former California hospital owner will spend more than 5 years in prison, give up $10 million and liquidate his vintage cars after he pled guilty to orchestrating a 15-year health care fraud scheme  involving more than USD $40 million in kickbacks to doctors and medical professionals in exchange for thousands of referrals for patients who

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Build a Simple Website for Your Medical Practice

In this brief article, Maria Todd offers a step-by-step formula for physician website design as a great foundation for D-I-Y physician, dentist and veterinarian web presence. A simple and straightforward, easy-to-manage website is not difficult to create using mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, themes and plugins in a content management system. You’ll be ready for your users to engage with you and engage with them within a week,

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Healthcare Marketing Tips: Transforming Features of Your Healthcare Service to Benefits You Can Advertise

In marketing parlance, features are anything inherent in your product of service, what you have designed and embedded into it and how you differentiate your service or product from your competitors. Benefits, on the other hand, are what the customer gets out of it. Many laws and regulations that protect consumers prohibit advertising by physicians

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