10 Basic Steps to Medical Tourism Startup

International Hospital Accreditation for Medical Tourism – Who Pays? HEALTH TOURISM MARKETING STRATEGY AskMariaTodd™ …for more information about what’s been mentioned in this article​ or something else you’d like to learn more about and… Thank You! … for being part of my professional community. Thank you for reading, watching, commenting, sharing, and spreading all...

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What is a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

By Maria K Todd, MHA PhD CEO & Founder Mercury Healthcare International, Inc. The term, Medical Tourism Facilitator has so many facets to it, that I suggest it is time to revisit the term and perhaps refine the role and qualifications a bit better. A medical tourism facilitator can be many things to many people. To...

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Traction for your Medical Tourism Startup

Successful traction for a medical tourism startup is what qualifies the business as viable. Without traction, your business is a failure. While there are many traction channels to pursue, it difficult for most medical tourism startup business owners to determine in advance which will work to get them the traction they need to succeed. This is because there...

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