Storytelling for Health Tourism Marketing

Storytelling for Health Tourism Marketing HEALTH TOURISM MARKETING STRATEGY AskMariaTodd™ …for more information about what’s been mentioned in this article​ or something else you’d like to learn more about and… Thank You! … for being part of my professional community. Thank you for reading, watching, commenting, sharing, and spreading all of my information around...

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7 Attributes for Long Term Sustainable Competitive Advantages in Health Tourism

Disruptive marketing strategies for medical tourism are built around differentiation that provides at least three long term sustainable competitive advantages. Long term sustainable competitive advantages in medical tourism put a destination (and its premium providers) on the map, gain visibility, claim top of the mind dominance in specialty, and capture premium market share. Celebrate unique...

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Refocus your Medical Tourism Marketing Strategy: Think Big, Go Small

Could your medical tourism marketing strategy benefit from a refocusing of your lens? Consider this technique to narrow your approach and drive higher turnover. Let’s say you run a small clinic in a city in Europe, Asia, Latin America, or elsewhere. One that competes directly with doctors working in three nearby private hospitals and their physicians...

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