Medical Tourism Facilitator Excellence: How to Achieve it and Why It’s Important

Health care organizations are expected to deliver a high-level quality of care. This extends out to those who coordinate referrals and patient care to these healthcare organizations and providers. Society demands efficient usage of healthcare funding, transparency, integrity, competency and accountability.  Medical tourism facilitation business operation is subject to regulations like any...

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How to Startup a Medical and Wellness Tourism Facilitator Business

Maria Todd writes this candid, “from the trenches” response to the daily stream of daily emails she receives from new medical tourism facilitators Starting a medical tourism facilitator business requires capital, know how, and consummate documentation for operating quality and safety standards, practices, policies, and protocols. Only then can a marketing and business plan...

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Medical Tourism Facilitators: What’s Your USP?

The most successful medical tourism facilitator businesses are based on being unique in the marketplace somehow. I’ve owned a medical tourism facilitator business, so I know exactly how difficult that is to offer something that nobody else does. But by doing that, you make your competition irrelevant. In 2009, I began the documentation process to...

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