Standard Travel Policies

Maria Todd believes in transparency and no surprises when it comes to her professional fees and travel costs.

Most departures and returns are planned through St George Regional Airport (SGU).  St George is served by Delta, American and United airlines and connects through LAX, DEN, SLC, DFW and PHX with a limited number of flights per day in smaller commuter aircraft. To avoid sold out seating problems and surge pricing increases, seats must be confirmed and ticketed not later than 15 days prior to departure. 

Due to limited flight arrivals and departures at SGU, Dr Todd may plan her trip to include departure from SGU a day early, and returns on  the next travel day to avoid overnight stays at hotels en route.

MARIA TODD'S travel policies for client-related travel and speaking/training assignments

In addition to a daily rate for professional services when travel is required, Maria Todd’s fees include adjusted charges for travel time as is customary for senior level consultants in her field. 

Travel expenses are paid at actual cost directly by the client to the airline, car and driver service, and hotel room and tax with breakfast included at a business class hotel. Maria will supply itinerary preferences, usually via the shortest and most direct route.  Maria maintains travel insurance with Allianz which covers trip cancellations, trip interruption, medical expenses, change fees, and travel delays. If a travel delay of involves an overnight stay ≥6h at an unplanned location, the client will cover any costs that exceed the insurance reimbursement benefit. 

The following general policies apply:

  1. Airline reservations must be confirmed and ticketed not later than fifteen (15) days prior to departure. E-tickets are acceptable.
  2. All transoceanic flights in excess of 2 hours’ flying time shall be reserved in international business class of service. Shorter flight segments may be booked in economy class, if available.
  3. Itineraries shall be by the shortest route and/or the quickest flight itinerary, point to point.
  4. All related travel costs are charged to the client. This includes: transfer fees to and from airports, baggage check fees, seat selection fees, and the like. Unplanned hotel stays and unplanned meal reimbursement due to travel delays shall be billed to the client less any available insurance paid refunds. Gratuities are covered under the daily per diem for meals and incidentals.
  5. Daily per diems are calculated by the most applicable government published reference tables for the USA and foreign travel, plus 20%. The reason for the 20% increase is that the applicable government  published reference allowances are based on  government discounts to which Dr Todd is not entitled access. 
  6. Generally, Dr Todd includes includes a buffer day to cover post travel rest and recuperation and allow for any travel delay risks. The daily professional rate for this post travel rest day is not charged to the client. Travel accommodation, meals and expenses are charged.
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