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Only AskMariaTodd™ offers the services you need now with fee deferment until July, 2020.
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AskMariaTodd’s highly experienced team delivers comprehensive outsourced management and administrative services allowing physicians and surgeons to concentrate on their specialty in providing quality patient care while we grow your practice or outpatient surgery center.

Urban and critical access hospitals and ASCs along with private medical practices have stepped up valiantly to help during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE).  

Many workers who normally perform many of the tasks below were furloughed or asked to use up PTO until the economy and elective cases resume. 

Some employees couldn’t afford the risk of waiting around and found other income sources, jobs, or have even departed the healthcare industry.  Others near retirement have simply put in their papers for retirement and given up to bake bread, fix up the house, and don’t want to come back to healthcare. They don’t want to come back to the COVID chaos that lies ahead for the next 2-3 years.

When the order to cease operations on elective services came down from officials, some of the new expansion roles in marketing, business development, management and operations were under consideration but were never hired and have accepted other offers. 

And many hospital-employed specialists and surgeons who were the foundation of the hospitals’ elective surgery cases base have been terminated, furloughed or relegated to telehealth services or told to find other opportunities after selling their practice to the hospital and negotiating a multi-year employment contract. Starting over will be difficult if not impossible. For many specialists and surgeons, the hospital-employed pathway was plan B. And now it isn’t.

Administrative Services

  • Day-to-day operations management oversight
  • Interim Management / Fractional Management
  • Physician & Staff Recruiting
  • Physician, PA / NP / Midwife Employment
  • Contracts
  • Employee Management, Benefits & Terminations
  • Quality Assurance Procedures and Protocols
  • Accreditation Preparation
  • Administration Services
  • Permits and licenses
  • Revenue cycle improvement
  • Custom software development
  • New /Additional state license reciprocity
  • Hospital / ASC Staff Privileges Applications
  • Probate Claims Paralegal Management

In the meantime, many private medical practices are at risk of permanent closure. 

Faced with lack of access to federal Payroll Protection Funds, and with the walk back of the CMS Advanced Payment Program they are unable to make ends meet on telehealth services, and unable to reopen for face-to-face patient care.

These owners and managers have no idea how long they can tread water before they can resume “normal” medical practice operations and normal revenue generation.

And if they close permanently, they worry about what will happen to the payments they are due for slow paid claims, short paid claims, and who will appeal the claims that should be paid if there’s no one at work to file appeals anymore. The money is still due even if the doors are closed.

Other tasks that require attention include delicate management of probate claims for patients who have expired, interviewing candidates to fill vacancies, and managing new business growth to sustain and development the business.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

  • Brochures Creation
  • Patient Handbook /Education Materials Creation
  • Branded Patient Forms Creation
  • Website Development
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan and Assets 
  • Digital and Print Media, 
  • Advertising 
  • Public Relations
  • Events Marketing
  • Billboards and Outdoor Media
  • Ask the Expert and Magazine Article Editing 
  • Podcasts, Videos Art Direction and Coordination
  • Voice Over Talent

Ask for references and examples of work we’ve done for others!

Meanwhile, many ASCs and hospitals have invested in expensive cardiology and orthopedic or other specialty surgery technologies to expand their elective service lines and revenue diversification.

Prior to COVID, they intended to offer more services and surgical procedures now approved for the ASC and outpatient setting. Their foundations raised the money for the new space, technology and surgeon recruitment. Now, the surgeons are ready and the note on the equipment comes due every month, but without the staff to manage it all, it simply won’t happen. Will the technology be repossessed before it’s ever utilized?

ASC administrators are overwhelmed and preoccupied with resumption of services, compliance with state and county health department mandates and documentation updates, and they simply don’t have the bandwidth to do both. But the business needs continue as the pages of the calendar peel away.

And whether they had the cash in the budget to hire someone full time to do this or not, the existing staff hasn’t a clue how to arrange and manage the coordination of the new technology advertising, promotion and documentation or bill and collect when it is used.

Someone needs to step in if only temporarily, get things moving again, price services, advertise and promote the new services, book revenues and train the staff how to get paid. Someone also needs to add the services to the fee schedules of existing contracts. That’s what AskMariaTodd™ does best.

Service Line Expansion

  • Robotics-assisted Arthroplasty Services Expansion 
  • Cardiology / OBL / ASC Services Expansion
  • Stem Cell / PRP Services Expansion
  • Domestic and International Medical Travel Program Development
  • Concierge Medical Practice Development 
  • Concierge Membership Fee Billing and Collection
  • Vendor Relations and Negotiations

Maria Todd has been helping hospitals, ASCs and private practices for more than 4 decades. She manages turnkey service line expansion, staffing, marketing, and operations in ways few other consultants are capable. Her expertise and experience with costs analysis, pricing, management, and payer contracting are unparalleled. Maria Todd leverages clinical experience, hands on administrative experience, health plan contracting experience, and paralegal and mediator training that she uses during negotiations to benefit her clients. She uses proven methods, skills, and real world strategies cultivated over the past 40+ years in the healthcare industry.  And she’s ready to help out and gather the resources you need to get your through the Pandemic and back on track. And right now, when you need her the most, she’s willing to defer payment and work with you on payment arrangements. That’s her way of giving back to the industry that she is so passionate about and all the doctors, nurses and administrators who have trusted her or learned from her along the way.

But she won’t cold call you or waste your time taking her call if what she’s offering isn’t right for you. You’ve got to call her. (800) 727 4160.  

Print out this page and highlight the things you need help with. Then, make the call anytime from 7:30 am until 9pm, Monday through Friday or weekends. Her phones are live answered by a team of 7 dedicated operators. In the past 40 years, she’s never subjected her clients to voicemail. As an international consultant she helps hospital, surgery and diagnostic centers and private practice physicians build, grow, and sustain their businesses on both domestic and foreign time zones. 

Contracted Reimbursement Services

  • Payer Contracts Strategy Advice and Consulting
  • Managed Care Contract Analysis and Pushback Arguments
  • Payer Negotiations (Health Plan, Employers, TPAs, Unions)
  • Denied Claims Appeals (Contingency based fees – win or don’t pay)
  • Health Plan Credentialing Application Completion
  • Outsourced Credentialing of New Surgeons and Anesthesiologists / AHPs
  • Delegated Credentialing (for Direct with Employer and Union Contracts)
  • Direct-with-Employer/Union/TPA Business Development
  • MIPPS oversight and review
  • Ongoing quality improvement; risk management programs
  • Outsourced peer review
  • Chart reviews under attorney-client privilege through legal counsel 
  • Coding reviews under attorney-client privilege through legal counsel 
Maria Todd is the nation’s leading trainer and contract negotiator and the author of several best-selling, internationally-published trade books on contracted health services. She’s negotiated with or analyzed contracts with payer organizations employers and unions in all 50 states Puerto Rico, & USVI.

Physician-Facility Integration Services

  • IPA, PHO, MSO, ACO development, operations
  • IPA, PHO, MSO, ACO payer/employer/union contracting & business development
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Participating Provider Agreements (Risk & Non-risk)
  • Shared Risk Contracting
  • Capitation / SubCapitation / Pay for Performance Bonuses
  • Bundled Case Rate Design, Costing, and Contracting
  • Price Transparency Development
  • Entity Accreditation
  • Policies and Procedures Development
  • Outsourced Credentialing
  • CAQH setup
Maria Todd is the nation’s leading trainer and organizer and the author of several best-selling, internationally-published trade books on physician and facility integration and shared-risk contracting. She holds proprietary trademark registrations on healthcare business integration models she’s developed and operated for more than two decades.


Our knowledgeable and dedicated team works to ensure a positive experience for all.

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