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Negotiate higher fees and reduce revenue management hassles and workload

Negotiate better, clearer, fairer contracts with third-party payor organizations, Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, Worker’s Comp and Health Expense Sharing Plans 
Avoid reference-based price surprise offers after the fact on non-contracted payers

 What are you waiting for?

Maria Todd will analyze and annotate troublesome payment loopholes and suggest revisions to your top 5 contracts for around $15,000.

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Client Feedback

CEO, Rice Medical Center, Houston TX

“I really enjoyed your course. The best time investment since grad school. Loaded the macros and ran a Humana contract we are negotiating. Works great. You really gave meaning to so many phrases we would not have been concerned over before. Thank you!”

Bruce Sandler
President & CEO Wishing U Well Medical.Inc.

“Maria Todd is by far the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to healthcare contracting. She has unsurpassed insights into the healthcare industry and can assist all business levels in areas you didn’t know existed. I highly recommend her, she’s great.”

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Maria Todd has earned her international reputation for expertise in managed care contracting strategy, contract analysis and negotiation. Since 1983, she’s cultivated more than 4000 clients throughout the USA and abroad who seek her advice on strategy, tactics and innovative approaches to shared risk contracts for third-party reimbursement.
With clinical, administrative, health law paralegal, and health plan provider contracting experience and network management, Maria Todd brings proven solutions for managed care and healthcare revenue cycle problems that give providers the edge they need to negotiate fair and equitable contracts.


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