Managed Care & Contracted Reimbursement

Navigate the intricate maze of managed care and contracted reimbursement models

Maria Todd, the foremost expert in the field, offers unrivaled analysis, markup, alternative terms and condition negotiation services for hospitals, ASCs, and medical clinics. With seven widely acclaimed, peer-reviewed, internationally published books on managed care contracting and physician integration and alignment, Maria’s expertise translates into tangible success for clients everywhere.  

" For 15 years, I've considered Maria Todd
my essential business advisor on all things
related to any payer contracting matter."

-- Critical Access Hospital Administrator (NV)

Analysis & Negotiation:

Overview: Managed care contracting is a complex puzzle. Let Maria Todd decipher it for you, as she provides in-depth analysis and successful negotiation techniques that ensure favorable terms.

Maria leads the 15,000+ member LinkedIn Managed Care Contracting Group and moderates its posts to stay on topic and avoid spam and misinformation. She’s connected and informed. 

  • Contract Analysis: Maria reviews contract language and identifies opportunities for improvement and risk mitigation. 
  • Negotiation Strategies and Tactics: Maria is a formidable negotiator using health plan insider tactics she learned while working on the health plan side to beat them at their own games if they’re set on being unfair and unreasonable. Often they recognize she’s on the team and elect not to play their games. 
  • New Reimbursement Models: Maria has worked with full-risk capitation, Pay for-Performance, Value-based care, Per Diem, DRG, and various fee-for-service payment models. She’s ahead of most payors when it comes to bundled payment contracts, personal injury, workers compensation, and charity care.

Limited Time Offer

Expires October 31, 2023

Retain Maria Todd as your trusted expert revenue management advisor. Add retained advisory privileges and call Maria any time for quick questions on contracted reimbursement matters, alternative language recommendations, denied claims appeals, medical necessity audit hassles or non-payment problems. Send her the entire contract to review if necessary. All unutilized time rolls over to subsequent months. 

Get the first month free when you sign a 12 month contract. ($450 value). Specific terms and conditions apply to promotional rates. 

Physician Integration and Alignment

Create cohesive and efficient collaborations between physicians and healthcare systems. With Maria Todd’s guidance, achieve integration and alignment that benefits everyone involved.

  • Integration Planning: Maria crafts strategies for seamless collaboration. Then she executes on them to bring the IPA, PHO, or MSO to sustainable success.
  • Alignment Models: Maria brings structured agreements that foster unity and growth. All the draft agreements are fully crafted and ready for your attorney’s review.
  • Educational Resources: Bring Maria to your planning retreat to offer options, insights and lessons learned. Assign readings from her 7 practical and informative handbooks.

Call Maria Todd today! 

Improve reimbursement, contracts, and standardize language across your health system to create efficiencies and team outputs. Arrange a training class to train the staff and executive team. 

(800) 727.4160 to learn more

Limited Time Offer

Expires October 31, 2023

Complement your contracting efforts with Maria Todd’s Physician Integration & Alignment Coaching. Strengthen physician payer negotiation leverage and win better paying contracts. Boost administrative efficiencies, and reduce costs. This offer applies when bundled with our managed care contracting services. Complimentary first hour of coaching ($450 value).

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