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Three Key Differentiators

Maria Todd is the only globally recognized healthcare business consultant in health tourism industry with more than 30 years helping destination stakeholders come together to break down silos within healthcare, tourism, economic development, education, foreign affairs, telehealth technology, architecture and urban and regional planning.

Maria Todd is the only globally recognized healthcare business consultant in the health tourism industry who possesses clinical, healthcare business administration, work experience as a director of provider contracting for insurance schemes, and practical tourism and travel agency work experience combined with certification by Google in digital marketing.

Governments benefit from her assistance to develop health policy across sectors and across borders to speed up innovations that address a major societal challenge, and gain competitive advantages for growth and job creation in healthcare and health tourism operational processes and economic development.

Build Innovation Partnerships in Health & Wellness Tourism

Successful health and wellness tourism innovations enhance competitiveness and build brands for health tourism destinations.

Comparative Advantage

Every destination has something that they do better than any other destination. Maria brings decades of practical experience to maximize comparative advantage. So many medical tourism destinations have been convinced that they should spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build clusters, host conferences, and buy expensive sponsorships - which actually commoditizes them by focusing on sameness and lack of originality.  Rather than approach the matter as a mass-produced copy of other destinations and ignoring distinguishing characteristics, Maria guides each destination to invest in itself through training, capacity development, and selective target marketing to ideal customers - the ones who are not present at most of these congresses, conferences, and industry events.

Branding for health and wellness tourism destinations

Branding for a health and wellness tourism destination involves being ever mindful of societal challenges and against the background of globalization and existing constraints. When every penny invested in economic and capacity development is carefully allocated to pilot projects that deliver results, residents realize income, taxes are generated for the public good, and consumers manage and solve health challenges.

Advertising health and wellness tourism products and services

Maria Todd rarely recommends budgets earmarked for stand rentals at medical tourism trade association and industry events as a means of marketing health and wellness tourism programs before stakeholders have a clear product and a target market confirmed. Usually this doesn't happen before the first three years of operation.  By then, stakeholders understand their strengths and opportunities to connect with ideal customers and collaborating partners, and can better determine if the event aligns with their objectives and strategies.  In those first three years, her advice is "Go and walk the exhibit floor; network; listen and observe. Do better market reconnaissance while spending less. There's no real justification to spend precious startup capital before your product is fully designed and launched towards an identified target market. Only spend money for sponsorships, stand rentals and advertising materials when you know that your ideal consumers will be walking by your stand; not just your competitors and other hopeful startups."

Boost GDP through health and wellness tourism innovation

Bring about significant positive impacts on competitiveness, growth and employment at all levels in your community.

Fast track your health and wellness tourism startup

When Maria Todd gets involved, she brings strong field and desk research, lessons learned from other health & wellness tourism destinations & innovation dimension with "demand-side" measures across policy areas.

Shorten time-to-market and ensure an organized pull and roll-out of innovation

Over the past three decades, Maria Todd has mastered health and wellness tourism development at the regional and national level (i.e. reviewing regulations and/or proposing new rules, accelerating product approvals, fast-tracking standard-setting, and deploying infrastructure initiatives strategically). Without additional cost, stakeholders in the private sector benefit by learning to integrate into an organized and mutually-agreed approach to medical, dental and wellness tourism business development. 

Avoid building health and wellness tourism commodity products that compete in a race to the bottom with cheaper prices

Trust Maria Todd to be brutally honest and tell you where your program and strategy needs a little adjustment in maximize results and investment.  If your approach is too similar to near-market competitors, she will point out the ways you can differentiate to create Blue Ocean Strategies that differentiate your destination from competitors.

Maria Todd drives health and wellness tourism results

Save startup time and capital. Achieve health and wellness tourism program results when Maria Todd mobilizes and links up stakeholders. Maria Todd facilitates team building and new ways of working together and repurposes existing assets to helps clients align and pool resources and fill gaps wherever necessary.

Maria's rare combination of deep operational grasp and experience helps her to address bottlenecks and obstacles (e.g. outdated regulations and practices, lack of standards, capacity and training gaps) and brings along proven experts that can leverage the demand-side (e.g. public procurement) across the whole value chain from research to market.

She builds innovation through partnerships in health & wellness tourism industry with facilitators and referral agencies, software developers, and other experts.

Under her guidance, health, wellness and hospitality partners at the destination collaborate with public sector authorities to leverage political energies on the key political priorities and bringing the benefits of health and wellness tourism innovation to consumers and insurance schemes. Maria builds government regulator capacity as she helps educate co-legislators/budgetary authorities, and gain political endorsement from the Heads of State and Government.

Maria Todd's Advice About Industry Event Marketing

"Go and walk the exhibit floor; network; listen and observe. Do better market reconnaissance while spending less. There's no real justification to spend precious startup capital before your product is fully designed and launched towards an identified target market. Only spend money for sponsorships, stand rentals and advertising materials when you know that your ideal consumers will be walking by your stand; not just your competitors and other hopeful startups."

The Perils of Poor Planning for Health and Wellness Tourism

After more than 35 years helping to develop medical tourism hub infrastructure, Maria Todd brings experience that can only be gathered by immersion and problem solving. Often health and wellness tourism projects are fraught with under-investment in knowledge generation and diffusion. Framework conditions suffer because they are not sufficiently innovation-friendly.  It isn't unusual to encounter fragmentation of the health, wellness, tourism, and public and private health sectors and costly and unnecessary duplication of efforts.

Without adequate targeting and market research, identification of the ideal customer and targeted source markets is impossible. If developers fail to involve targeted consumers in the product design phase, the medical, dental and wellness tourism product ends up being designed for anyone and no one.

When regulators, politicians and tourism and economic development authorities insufficiently align public actions, stakeholders are ultimately prevented from realizing sustainable innovations that leverage comparative advantage for their entry into the global or regional market place.

Bring the Team Together

Maria can help you identify the right experts to conduct specific market research, lead workshops, and provide introductions to established medical and dental tourism facilitators. In a collaborative and educational forum where health and wellness tourism innovation is born, stakeholders and public sector authorities work together – united around a common goal to identify, develop and test innovative solutions and ensure the smoothest possible transition from conception to implementation more rapidly and at the lowest possible cost.

During capacity development training, Maria Todd shares checklists, model standards, and lessons learned and findings from market research conducted on similar projects throughout the world to fast track you to launch and revenue.

She brings practical know how and best practices developed over 35 years in health and wellness tourism client projects to achieve ambitious, realistic outputs which resonate with and enthuse and obtain commitment from citizens, business owners, regulators and policymakers. 

Watch her in action as she takes the stage and leads your workshop and you'll immediately appreciate her experience as an organizational development practitioner. 

Most so-called medical tourism consultants have little if any clinical, administrative, healthcare executive, paralegal, travel arranging, training pedagogy or insurance reimbursement hands on experience. By comparison, Maria has them all.

Maria Todd inspires and demonstrates, at a practical level, new ways of working, using modern means of communication, and breaking down silo’s which too often prevent key players in innovation to work together across policy areas and disciplines. She encourages the of pooling efforts, aligning goals and objectives, and removing obstacles to achieve critical mass and rapid results and turnover that build and maintain momentum.

She solicits the involvement of those representing the demand side (insurers, consumers and referral partners) along the whole innovation chain. This ensures that the regulatory environment will be appropriate, and addresses recommendations for the removal of unnecessary or redundant requirements.

Rather than choke a new health and wellness tourism destination by attempting too much, too fast, Maria believes in organizing pilot demonstration projects so results can be immediately taken up and concepts further tested.

She connects organizers to experts who can help raise funding and the interest of foreign investors. At a micro-level, Maria helps smaller breakout teams work on many innovation and development projects simultaneously from the outset. This helps to significantly speed up the process from idea to market so that solutions can be deployed, operational processes can be improved and market opportunities seized more rapidly (rather than being lost to other, quicker and better organised competitors).

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