Integrated Physician Group Consulting

Maria Todd has been consulting to integrated physician groups (IPAs, PHOs, MSOs, and ACOs) helping them plan, launch, operate and contract with third-party payers since 1989.

How Maria Can Help Integrated Physician Groups (IPAs, PHOs, MSOs, and ACOs) with network development, operations, and competition for better third-party contracts

Contract Reviews

Find Loopholes and Risks

Nobody likes being taken advantage of.  Healthcare providers of all kinds take on professional liability risks at every patient encounter. Continue


Differentiate Your Group

Physicians often interpret "branding" to be about logos, and slogans, and naming. These are actually the outputs of branding creation. Continue

Negotiation Stalemates

End the Frustration

Do you need an outsider's perspective on the rates you are being offered for your integrated physician group's services? Continue

Panel Lockouts

Lockouts and Terminations

The trend towards narrow networks are giving rise to provider lockouts and terminations like never before. Continue

Dispute Resolution

Mediation & Arbitration

Does your contract prohibit litigation of troublesome payer/provider disputes? Before you sign your contracts, Continue

Bundled Pricing

Case Rate Pricing

Case rate pricing in healthcare reimbursement contracts is risky business.  So often, the payer brings offers that are incomplete, or Continue


Managed Care Training

Training & Coaching

Maria Todd has been teaching managed care contracting classes for HFMA, MGMA, AICPA, and hundreds of professional development associations.Continue

Rush Reviews

Quick Reviews

Payer market entrances and exits, consolidations, mergers and acquisitions often mean that a healthcare provider will face Continue



Many integrated physician groups have jumped into contracting with third-party payers without the appropriate level of "economic integration" and lack adequate training and guidance necessary to legally achieve their goals and objectives. These decisions have led to painful and costly federal investigations and prosecutorial action for both the physicians and their consultants.

Integrated physician groups, (IPAs, PHOs, MSOs, and ACOs) are usually comprised of one or more hospitals and numerous independent and employed physicians with privileges at those hospitals.  Like any combination of competitors, physician networks run the risk of violating the antitrust laws. Agreements on price among competitors are generally illegal under the antitrust laws and punishable as a felony. Agreements on price among legitimate joint ventures usually are not. Continue

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