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In addition to management and CEO responsibilities at Mercury Healthcare International, Maria Todd is a prolific writer, author and editor and has helped design startup and operational strategies for healthcare organizations to implement her theories and positively impact businesses and organizations worldwide.

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Starting with the classic The Managed Care Contracting Handbook, Maria Todd has written some of the most insightful, influential, and talked-about books in the healthcare and health tourism industry over the past 22 years.  In total, 15 of her 16 titles have been commercially published and read by an international audience of entrepreneurs, students and scholars.

Please note: Dr Todd's legal team will prosecute on all Berne Convention infringements for unauthorized derivative works, translations, recordings, adaptations, arrangements, presentations, public or recorded or electronic recitations, broadcasts, reproductions, and digitized versions, whether sold or loaned of all internationally published books authored by Dr Todd. Protections are reasonably expected to be enforced for a period of until not prior to the 50th year after Dr Todd's death. Learn more.  We have noticed many online, unauthorized postings from Russia, Ukraine and China all of which are Berne Convention treaty countries. Piracy hurts everyone. Please do not purchase or otherwise support unauthorized copies of Dr Todd's published works. 

Mercury Healthcare International

For more than 33 years, Mercury Healthcare International has been the world’s leading consultancies for healthcare and health tourism business research and education, training leaders who make a positive difference in the world.  Contact Mercury Healthcare International at +1.800.727.4160.

Center for Health Tourism Strategy

cover adA wholly-owned MHI specialty research center and health tourism consultancy, the Center for Health Tourism Strategy develops breakthrough theories to help health tourism businesses and destination stakeholders to become more successful innovators and create new, robust sources of growth and opportunity in the international marketplace.  The Center is under the executive directorship of Maria Todd and features close to 100 freelance experts and technical advisers with which the Center collaborates.  In 2017, the Center will roll out an online Learning Management Platform to offer low cost online medical tourism training courses for the health travel industry. Maria Todd will serve as Education Chair and coordinate a bevy of vetted expert trainers from around the world who contribute to the curriculum.

Magazine Publication

Online content influences every decision a traveler makes, from where they decide to go to how they book their trip.  According to Expedia, most travelers in the USA visit at least 38 sites during the 45 days before making a booking.  Consumption of travel-related pieces on has more than doubled since 2014.  Video is also increasingly important to travelers. Two out of three consumers in the United States say they watch online travel videos when they’re thinking about taking a trip.

The Center for Health Tourism Strategy publishes Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction, a quarterly lifestyle and travel magazine /journal featuring three distinctive destinations in each quarterly issue. Featured destinations are designated by merit and not able to pay for placement. Exceptional content presented in a digital magazine format (flip book), high-quality advertorials and other display and classified advertising is also available for destinations and suppliers that wish to connect with readers. The magazine will also have a companion website and mobile/tablet app.  Site visitors and readers are expected to be 80% college-educated, upwardly mobile, affluent health and wellness tourism travelers seeking informative and inspiring leisure and lifestyle destination information. The other 20% will be industry readers interested in learning about new and established health tourism destination development projects, news and inspiration for new and innovative market ideas. According to a comScore study, brand engagement rises by 28% when users are exposed to both professional and user-generated pieces.  Engage the modern traveler by being featured as a Medical Tourism Destination of Distinction.  Author Information is available hereContact Mercury Healthcare International at +1.800.727.4160.

Mercury Health Travel

Maria Todd also presides over Mercury Health Travel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercury Healthcare International, that is one of the longest-established, professional health tourism concierge and coordinator firms in the world.  Our services include access to the MHI Globally Integrated Health Delivery System®, our vast domestic and international vetted and inspected provider network, our exclusive negotiated prices, all services of your professional medical travel advisor, third-party payment specialists to help you coordinate insurance coverage for your treatment, access to our banking partners for medical care financing, insurance partners from whom you can purchase complications insurance coverage, and a competent health travel coordinator who will help you to plan every aspect of your trip.

Mercury Health Travel assists you every step of the way through all the complicated pre-trip preparations and online provider consultations, and monitors your progress, satisfaction, and clinical outcomes and improvement after you return home.  From the moment leave home until the moment you touch down back at home, our qualified case managers and our specially-trained health tourism and travel agents will be on duty around the clock monitoring your trip, treatments and travel itinerary to quickly address any issues or concerns that may arise. 

MHT is hired by and primarily coordinates care for group health benefit plan participants covered by their employers' medical travel program. MHT specializes in medically-necessary, elective health travel cases. While we do work with independent consumers on an occasional basis, MHT generally does not coordinate care for cosmetic surgery procedures, minor routine dentistry, or services not covered by private or Medicare insurance benefits.  A wide array of approved providers specializing in medical, physical rehabilitation, dialysis, and addiction recovery participate in the network that spans the USA and more than 120 countries.  Speak with Maria if you would like to arrange an inspection and the required vetting to be considered as a network provider.  Contact Mercury Healthcare International at +1.800.727.4160.

Mercury Advisory Group

Mercury Advisory Group is MHI's wholly-owned strategy and innovation consulting firm.  Mercury Advisory Group has more than 3 decades of experience helping healthcare and health tourism organizations to navigate disruptive change and to unlock innovation potential inside their organizations.  Among the many specialties our experts can help with, we focus on problem-solving and strategic planning and execution for healthcare business operations, revenue cycle, insurance and employer contracting, concierge medicine, provider integration and alignment, worksite health clinic development, retail health services startups, bundled pricing strategies, domestic and international denied insurance claims appeals, accreditation, marketing and branding for healthcare organizations of every type. Contact Mercury Healthcare International at +1.800.727.4160.

Mercury Healthcare Media Group

Mercury Healthcare Media Group is our in-house consortium of creatives working in journalism, translation, media, creative and marketing experts. They  work with clients to apply theories of disruptive innovation in healthcare to develop and promote solutions to the most vexing healthcare industry problems in digital, print and social media marketing, messaging, image, branding, advertising and public relations. Many of the services from the Media Group are available through the our MHI Marketplace.  Experts from the Media Group offer assistance with Graphics, Design, Digital Marketing, Writing and Translation, Video and Animation, Music & Audio, Voiceover, Programming and Tech, Advertising and Media Buying, and other creative services required by our clients. Contact Mercury Healthcare International at +1.800.727.4160.

The Healthcare Business Institute

The Healthcare Business Institute is a wholly-owned educational foundation of MHI.  HBI has established itself as a leader in skills for healthcare business operations that simply aren't available in the university or college setting anywhere else in the world.  Instructors improve industry stakeholder and staff skills through research, training courses, master classes, workshops, webinars, creative dialogue, and critical thinking.  Originally separate and at arm's length from MHI organized as a non-profit, a decision was made two years ago to roll the HBI under the patronage and management of MHI under a leaner, more cost -effective management model.  Maria serves as both a trainer and as the most senior corporate officer of the HBI and oversees the training program and vetting of all new trainers and instructors and over course curriculum and workshop modules quality and content.  Contact the HBI for course information, registration, and on-site training requests at +1.800.209.7263.


Maria advises clients who are end users of HigoWell, a the world's first and only medical tourism marketing platform of its kind to make intelligent and successful investments decisions and business rules as they set up their software for use in the health tourism sector as a facilitator, wellness resort or spa, hospital or clinic, or health tourism public private partnership (PPP) cluster or special economic zone.  Contact Higowell at +353 1 4433 248.

LinkedIn's Pulse

Schedule permitting, Maria writes a new article almost daily on LinkedIn's Pulse.  She delights in sharing and demystifying topics in healthcare management, quality and other topics in healthcare business improvement in all of its forms. As a teacher, she enjoys the personally gratifying opportunity to share lessons learned across more than 30 years of work as a consultant and strategist and innovator in healthcare around the world.  When she shares these insights, stories and lessons learned, her objective is to save people time, setbacks, and avoid costly mistakes and oversights that are commonly encountered in trial and error that you endure on your own. She derives pleasure from the opportunity to serve, so follow her on LinkedIn for some great content and free ideas and advice she shares there.


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