HigoWell Medical Tourism Software Platform

Get a free license to use our fully-functional, cloud-based Medical Tourism Software Platform (Higowell Cloud LITE), designed for health tourism referral agents and facilitators, clusters, hospitals and clinics, clinicians in private practice and health tourism industry councils.

With global health and wellness tourism hubs connecting patients to health services, Higowell Cloud has integrated upstream and downstream health and wellness tourism resources and facilitators and the multidimensional health and wellness tourism and travel eco-chain. Since the establishment of medical tourism as a hot topic buzzword in 2005, facilitators and medical travel agents have been coordinating care management and building relationships with hospitals, polyclinics and academic medical centers worldwide without a specialized tool to manage logistics, communications, and domestic and overseas payment. Higowell has garnered a rich and extraordinary cross-border logistics coordination software application that is now cloud-based and helps all medical travel value chain partners to manage standardized quality control systems and modern business operations management.  Medical tourism facilitators, hospitals and clinics can now take advantage of a new Higowell iteration recently released that is 100% free to use.  

Higowell is please and excited to announce the arrival of its disruptive and revolutionary new medical tourism software application. The first of its kind, and the first to be made available to the medical and dental travel sector without charge, Higowell Cloud is a purpose-built application by our team of healthcare, health tourism and airline industry experts. Higowell will positively revolutionize and move the health and wellness tourism industry forward for decades and accumulated a wealth of rich experience and strength in the cross-border health and wellness tourism logistics coordination, sales support, and care navigation. It will take years of development and significant venture capitalization for follower competitors to develop, test, match and surpass what’s been created and developed.

Higowell is a tool “to the trade”

It has an embedded private label portal capability that can be integrated into any health or wellness tourism facilitator’s proprietary website for consumers to access and interface, or can be embedded as a portal into a hospital’s webpage for international health services consumer interface, but Higowell does not directly offer consumer-based health tourism shopping capabilities. To understand more about this customized value added capability, please request a demonstration of the system.
When you see what it does and how it works, we are positive you will be as excited as we are to finally have such a tool at your disposal to help you grow your medical tourism business and enjoy greater business efficiency.  Higowell continually optimizes the performance of its comprehensive platform in order to provide comprehensive one-stop services for health and wellness tourism sellers, referral coordinators and consumers that interact with them with unsurpassed quality, high efficiency and low cost.
Higowell Cloud has presence in USA, Germany, India and its headquarters in Ireland. 

Contact HigoWell by phone +353.1 4433 248 or via email to inquire how you can test and use the new cloud-based version without cost.  

Full-Service Medical Tourism Software Platform designed for health tourism promoters, facilitators, cluster (Public-Private Partnership) and health tourism industry councils

HIGOWELL is a medical, dental, and wellness tourism software solution provider based in Europe with offices near Frankfurt, Germany and a U.S. branch office in New York metropolitan area. We provide a wide range of services and software solutions for medical tourism promoters, wellness tourism promoters, national government agencies, healthcare travel councils, healthcare providers, insurance companies and medical tourism facilitators through 5 purpose built software products, now available for use. 

The HigoWell software products we’ve developed help users to manage operations and marketing more effectively in the coordination and management of health and wellness tourism business operations. Modules are designed as specialized operational and management services platforms designed to optimize hospitality, wellness, health facility, medical tourism facilitator and clinic asset value, returns and performance across the spectrum of health and wellness tourism operations. The only software of its kind in the market, it  deliver custom solutions designed by health tourism, clinic, travel, airline and medical tourism patient coordination experts. Our in-depth expertise and hands-on approach helps owners and operators maximize the value of their assets in today’s highly competitive market place.

The HigoWell platform enables facilitators, referral agencies and travel agents who specialize in medical tourism travel planning for consumers to seamlessly move through their personal health journeys, including levels of care, medical records transfer, logistics planning and quotation management, telehealth consultations with chosen providers, and other care delivery  and destination management options.  The platform transforms the medical tourism system from that of appointment setting to true client management creating a more effective, higher quality, accessible pathway for consumers and their care coordinators through the end-to-end health tourism episode of care. This raises the bar in terms of quality, safety, risk-based thinking, and ultimately better customer service. 

Care is not just about the medicine or dentistry, but about the entire system of care delivery.  When it is running at full bore, HigoWell with help referral partners and health facilities ensure that people anywhere with internet connectivity have access to a range of services wherever they want to travel to obtain care. We anticipate that eventually, the system will list not only hospitals and clinics, but ambulatory surgery centers, nutritional counseling, dental clinics, mental health facilities, physical and occupational therapy providers, individual private practice doctors, dentists, therapists, counselors, outpatient ancillary care centers, hotels and accommodation partners, health resorts, spas, and others within the healthcare ecosystem as equally important and vital components of a holistic approach to health and wellness tourism, worldwide.  To date, the response by the supplier community has been overwhelmingly positive. Suppliers are accustomed to be taken advantage of and charged for connections to referral agents.  This approach will give them those connections without cost or obligation.  If a hospital or health facility wishes to do its own facilitation, internally, it is welcome to use the platform in the facilitator role and avail itself of all the HigoWell resources without limitations just as if it were an external facilitator.

As a value added bonus for facilitators, referral agencies and medical tourism travel agents, hospitals and clinics are invited to establish their brand on the platform and indicate their interest in meeting new referral partners and discussing collaboration.  The platform supports the health and wellness tourism ecosystem to raise the bar on medical tourism professionalism and customer service, through better, safer, care coordination.  Facilitators registered into the HigoWell Cloud platform who wish to learn more and obtain contact details of hospitals and other health and wellness tourism supplier partners will simply point and clinic to learn more and initiate contact.

As senior healthcare and travel executives with skill-sets honed at major full-service healthcare and travel brands, we incorporated our knowledge to bridge the know-how gap between investment and operations, planning, troubleshooting and problem-solving. HigoWell is your one-stop-shop for health tourism industry information management and marketing solutions.

Maria is a co-founder, shareholder and Executive Director of HigoWell.

For more information, please visit www.higowell.com


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