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Why have more than 4000 healthcare business owners, executives and investors from 48 states and 115 countries awarded their trust to Maria Todd with their healthcare marketing challenges?


Maria has been helping hospitals, physicians and ASCs achieve success or improve marketing  ROI by helping them with marketing, advertising, branding and social media presence for decades.  As a seasoned specialist in healthcare marketing and business development she examines your business to help you diagnose what’s working, what needs fixing, and pinpoint specific areas where you need to improve your strategy, positioning, packaging, promotion, lead generation, prospecting, sales, fee structure, and revenue growth. 

She understands truth in advertising laws and regulations, anti-kickback and anti-bribery regulations for healthcare providers. Put her on task with your toughest marketing and business development problems and watch the money come in.

Stop Wasting Marketing Dollars and Time

Are you making these beginner mistakes because you’re following the advice of a novice or hack that applies cookie-cutter marketing strategy that’s irrelevant to healthcare marketing? Did someone tell you this would be good for your business? What measurable results are you achieving for all your time and money?

Are you…

  • paying for content creation?
  • blogging daily?
  • tweeting “stuff” others tweet to you?
  • posting memes as public service
  • announcements?
  • boosting Facebook posts?
  • paying to send out a (total waste of time) monthly newsletter that nobody reads?
  • feeding your Linkedin page with content that no one engages?

You can trust Maria Todd to help you and produce measurable results with any aspect of healthcare marketing, advertising, social media and promotion.

Maria is the only expert in the USA with international certification on digital marketing from Google, and more than 600 healthcare marketing, branding and social media marketing strategy workshops and training seminars in 116 countries to her credit.

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how to market your private practice

During your 1-on-1 deep-dive consult, we’ll talk about your goals, revving up your hospital, ASC or medical practice, improving your lead flow and cash flow, fixing strategic problems, how to connect with better consumers, employer plan administrators, TPAs and managed care plans, health sharing ministries, and foreign patients much faster and exactly what steps you need to take right now to hit the income and revenue goals and volumes you want. But don’t wait. Maria has limited availability for new clients given her 35+ year track record for client success. Will you be one of the few she agrees to help in 2020?

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