Healthcare & Hospital Mock Survey Consulting Services


Why have hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world awarded their trust to Maria Todd with their preparation for accreditation surveys since 1986?


For more than 33 years, Maria has helped hospitals and healthcare organizations to prepare for accreditation with Joint Commission, JCI, DNV, CMS, AAAHC, AAAHC-I,  AAAASF and AAAASF-I, ISO 9001-2015,  and other accrediting and regulatory quality and safety surveys? Maria  brings hands-on knowledge and experience and fresh eyes to help clients prepare for a successful survey. At the end of the assignment, clients know exactly what they need to do to be ready for a successful survey. 

Maria and her team will also be direct, unbiased and honest about whether or not the accreditation program you are considering is one that is recognized and/or required by insurers, consumers, and patient referral sources.  Some are just expensive wall plaques that the marketplace neither knows about or values.  

With a customized mock survey, you can also test your organization’s response to the unannounced survey process and give your leaders confidence that they are ready for an unannounced or scheduled survey.  Maria and her team  conduct tracers, review documents, assess medication management processes, review handoffs, examine programmatic operations such as medical tourism, and specific service line or specialty specific programs, identify and mitigate risks, evaluate infection control and more.  

Since 1986, every accreditation preparation client assignment in every country has resulted in passage with flying colors and only the most minimal (if any) minor issues to address at the conclusion of the actual survey.

What happens when clients engage with Maria as a partner and guide through the mock accreditation survey?

SAMPLE mock survey agenda

Day One: opening conference and orientation; in depth and informative tracer activities, including infection control tracer and Life Safety facility tour!

Day Two: morning briefing, medication management system tracer, patient flow tracer, medical tourism intake and discharge handoff tracer, random additional tracer activities. CONTINUATION OF Life Safety building tour. A full day,  The team will conduct a document review as well as a look at behavioral health (as applicable) and outpatient services.

Day Three: On the third day, we review data management, surgical services, nutrition services and lab and imaging integration. Additional individual tracers will be conducted. The Life Safety portion of your journey includes Environment of Care (EC) safety rounds and  emergency management sessions. Upon conclusion of the mock survey activities, we lead a focused follow up and educational debriefing session where we chart the course of action to resolve any issues or deficiencies encountered.

Day Four: Leadership session, review of medical staff credentialing, outpatient/offsite activities and a focused follow up on any Environment of Care or Life Safety issues. An optional education session for medical staff can be included with detailed reporting can be scheduled.

By Day Five, We provide a detailed action plan to  bring your organization to full readiness status. 

Your mock survey engagement includes the services of a seasoned health administrator, a physician and a nurse. For smaller organizations and facilities, your mock survey may only last three or four days, but we’ll include what’s relevant based on the accreditation or regulatory assessment you have selected.

Are you ready to learn how Maria and her team can help you achieve success with accreditation or certification?

In a nutshell:

Here’s a summary of what’s included in this service:

  • Create a Customized Agenda
  • Conduct Tracers
  • Review Documents
  • Assess Medication Management Processes
  • Identify & Strategize about Risk Reduction
  • Evaluate Infection Control
  • Conduct a Life Safety Facility Evaluation
  • Provide Onsite Education to Staff

Support for these healthcare organizations & facilities

We provide mock survey and hands-on accreditation preparation consultations and support for all accreditation programs:

  • Hospitals & Healthcare Systems
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Advanced Diagnostics Imaging
  • Behavioral Healthcare
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • Home Care Organizations
  • Laboratory Services
  • Nursing Care Centers
  • Office-Based Surgery Centers
  • Medical Tourism Clusters
How much should you budget to hire Maria Todd and her team to help you PREPARE

A reliable estimate is about $6000 per day + actual travel and accommodation costs for a team of three.

Demonstrate your commitment to quality and patient safety through accreditation by a recognized and trusted accreditation program. 

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