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Maria Todd develops medical tourism programs throughout the world

Maria Todd works with hospitals, clinics and small business owners and independent professionals working in medical tourism who want to do a better job of marketing themselves and grow their business.

The typical first calls come either early in the pre-startup strategic planning process or when things aren't going so well.  When you meet with Maria Todd about your medical tourism business concerns and exploring how you are currently attracting, engaging, and winning clients and patient referrals, you may discover that her strategic and tactical marketing recommendations make sense for you (and could really benefit your bottom line).  

Maria Todd has been working on medical tourism development projects since 1983. She coordinated more than 1000 patient referrals before the CEO of the Medical Tourism Association completed the first grade, and more than 3000 referrals before the CEO of the Medical Tourism Association completed primary school.  With her training as a healthcare administrator and surgical nurse, coupled with 30 years of hands-on experience on five continents, and several years working as a travel agent, hotel, and hospital accreditation expert, Maria Todd's medical tourism knowledge and experience is unparalleled in the industry.

Save 20% on your initial 20 minute consultation with Maria Todd

Maria would be delighted to give you 5 minutes or less of free time, however, most issues are more quickly & effectively resolved in an undisturbed consultation. Please schedule a meeting with Maria Todd so she can give you her undivided attention at a mutually convenient time.  Initial brief consultations are prepaid through PayPal, wire transfer or ACH/e-check and can be arranged in person in Denver or at your location, or by telephone.  Book your initial 20 minute consultation today and only pay for 15. Additional time, if required, is billed at the usual and customary rate immediately following the conclusion of your consultation.

In 2010, Maria Todd designed the world's largest medical tourism "cluster" organization and the first and only Globally Integrated Health Delivery System®.  The new term of art was granted a trademark registration by the US Patent and Trademark Office in Washington DC.

Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development, written by Maria Todd is like no other book on the market. It was originally written as an informative workbook to help physicians, hospital executives, and other health and wellness tourism suppliers and government authorities work through their unique startup and business model strategy and derive the greatest value from time spent with Maria during one-on-one consulting. It is now available for purchase at all major retail and online booksellers.

The infrastructure you will build to operate a medical tourism program varies from location to location, model to model, and provider type to provider type.  Maria can set up the management services infrastructure for your network and train the staff to manage:

  • Technology that connects your physicians to real-time patient information
  • Care management services for patients, coordinated by their doctors and facilitators to improve quality and manage the total cost of care
  • Single point of service for transactions for all program patients
  • Collaborative employee training programs for physicians, clinics, hospitals,  hotels, airports, governments and their employees
  • Partnerships with facilitators and group healthcare purchasers (insurers and employers)
  • Negotiation with health insurers and employers to handle all contracting matters including contract review and renegotiations
  • Handle billing and claims payment matters, appeals of denied claims and short or delayed payments
  • Web-based credentialing and re-credentialing for all health plan application processes
  • Support for clinics and patients on nights and weekends through an After Hours Care Network
  • Guidance on competitiveness and bundled payment pricing for surgical, rehabilitation and diagnostic services
  • Standards for network quality, safety, and destination brand consistency
  • Marketing strategies that combine digital, print and facilitator relationship tactics
  • Native-speaker translation of patient education and marketing materials into 23 languages by professional translators
  • Branding strategies to differentiate your services from those offered by providers in more than 150 countries

The Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development, written by Maria Todd is like no other book on the market. It was originally written as an informative workbook to help physicians, hospital executives, and other health and wellness tourism suppliers and government authorities work through their unique startup and business model strategy and derive the greatest value from time spent with Maria during one-on-one consulting. It is now available for purchase at all major retail and online booksellers.



Maria Todd coaches medical tourism facilitator startups, worldwide.

mtfNew entrants to the business of medical tourism facilitation should purchase the Medical Tourism Facilitator's Handbook to find best practices for medical tourism professional referral coordinators.

The book contains information on the business organization, startup, and marketing strategies, and then progresses to medical terminology, a discussion of various medical tourism surgeries and diagnostic procedures, and includes many checklists for workflows, special templates and forms, and even contract model templates that can be used to contract with suppliers.

The book goes far beyond that which can possibly be covered in most 2-5 day medical tourism certification courses and is written from the perspective of the only person in the industry that has worked as a professional travel agent, tour operator, hospital executive and surgical nurse. Maria Todd is also a health law paralegal and familiar with regulatory framework, healthcare advertising compliance and marketing regulations in different countries, healthcare privacy and security regulations and procedures, and quality and safety accreditation preparation. She has a 100% success record in preparing hospitals and clinics for international accreditation through JCI, DNV, AAAHC, AAAASF, and many other programs in healthcare facilities accreditation, aquatic rehabilitation programs, spa accreditation programs such as ESPA, and ISO 9001:2015 certification for facilitators, hospitals and clinics.


logo_higowellMaria Todd also helped to design the functionality for the world's only health tourism information systems platform, HIGOWELL, which offers four different levels of functionality for facilitators, wellness resorts, hospitals, and health tourism clusters involving different brands of hospitals and clinics in a region.  HigoWell recently received first round funding after successfully selling and installing the platform in several settings since the product's launch in 2015.

How to get started

The first step is to call or write and tell us where you want to locate your new practice, your area of specialization, your current program status, your time line, and your budget. We typically start with having you read and work through Maria's Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development book, and then schedule a telephone or in-person consultation. Optimally, this meeting takes place at your location, but alternatively, we can meet with you at our office in Denver, which is set up with conference rooms and work tables, white boards, and lots of resources we maintain in the office.  Afterward, depending on your needs, we can support most everything else via telephone and web-conference at our usual and customary hourly rates and occasional return missions.  When we travel to you, the fee is inclusive of travel expenses, travel time and consultation time. Maria will not perform any work without a fully-executed fee agreement and modest retainer deposit. As the retainer deposit account is depleted, Maria requests a modest replenishment to continue working on your project.

PLEASE NOTE: Maria Todd owns and operates Mercury Healthcare International, Inc.  While she has been actively involved in medical tourism referral coordination for more than 33 years, Dr Todd no longer personally coordinates referrals of individual consumers to health tourism providers as a medical tourism facilitator.  Her work is exclusively focused on providing specialized fee-based consultation on health tourism business operations and development. 

cover adMercury Healthcare International operates an outsourced, full-service, medical tourism coordination and logistics service and third-party administrator service for its group health purchasers and health benefits management brokers and insurance partners.  Our Globally Integrated Health Delivery System® includes more than 6000 approved and inspected hospitals, 850,000 vetted physicians, and over 9000 ambulatory surgery centers. In addition, more than 300 thermal springs hotels and resorts, in 18 countries have been inspected and approved for network participation.  For more information,  please contact the group health services coordination team at

MHI also publishes Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction, a quarterly lifestyle and health tourism magazine that features 3 distinctive destinations in each issue along with interesting articles on health and wellness travel and related topics.  Dr Todd serves as Editor in Chief of the publication.  

Featured destinations are selected in collaboration with local, regional and national tourism boards and their featured destination health tourism suppliers.  for additional information on the magazine or to contract for advertising space, contact



Learn about Medical Tourism and Wellness Program Development and Operations from Maria Todd

Contracting with Medical Tourism Referral Agencies

A Workshop for Providers and Facilitators

Maria Todd, author of the best selling book in the industry, the Medical Tourism Facilitator's Handbook offers practical strategies and tactics to collaborate with medical tourism referral partners in the USA and abroad.

Included in the course materials are sample contract templates, checklists, and model forms you can use to vet qualifications, evaluate their value proposition and risk or benefit to your professional or facility brand.

This course is appropriate for both providers and facilitators.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Understand the implications of the supplier-facilitator relationship
  2. Understand the contracting process from beginning-to-end
  3. Understand the terms and conditions that should be included in each contract
  4. Learn how to address specific issues related to liability for professional conduct, quality, safety, and handling of sensitive personal information of the patient.

 Who Should Attend

  • New and Experienced Medical Tourism Facilitators
  • Healthcare and Wellness Resort Marketing Executives
  • Travel Agents
  • Tour Operators
  • Destination Management Companies
  • Investors
  • Insurers and TPAs
  • Employee Benefits Administrators
  • Professional Clinical Case Managers
  • Government Regulators

CEU Credit: 14 hours

Package Pricing for Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is sold in package arrangements, but many medical tourism suppliers could use a little help to improve their strategy on what to include, how to price their packages, and how to market them to their competitive advantage. In this one-day hands-on workshop for medical tourism suppliers (doctors, dentists, hospitals, health resorts, facilitators, tour operators and travel agents) you'll take home checklists, formulas, sample contracts, and more.  Maria Todd shares lessons learned and know how from more than 30 years in the medical tourism business.

Package Pricing for Medical Tourism goes beyond the medical episode of care bundling to include post-acute care, accommodation, rehabilitation, private duty nurse options, sightseeing, and more.

CEU Credits: 7 contact hours

Destination Development for Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is about more than simply booking appointments with medical, dental, and rehabilitation or spa providers for surgery, rehab or consultation. Learn how to develop the destination to attract investment, industry and tourism to your location.

After you've attended this one-day, hands-on, interactive workshop, you will take back a blueprint to develop your medical tourism destination for a profitable future through economic growth, jobs creation, and brand awareness.

Maria Todd leads the workshop and provides interesting ideas and practical case studies of what went right, what went wrong, and how to focus on locational features for attracting business and revenues to your city, region, or country. Her class fills an important void in the education and panel discussions missing from the literature and at many international conferences. She shares practical guidance on how to advantageously position your medical tourism or wellness destination in an increasingly and demanding competitive marketplace. Every forward looking Mayor, Economic Development Manager, CVB, or Tourism Board Manager should attend this information-packed workshop.

CEU Credits: 7 hours

Next Event: October 17, 2016 - Denver Colorado

Contracting with International Insurers

Contracting with International Insurers is a two-day, focused, hands-on workshop for healthcare facilities, doctors, dentists and therapists

Many hospitals and clinics seek to attract international medical, dental, rehab and dialysis tourism patients. Unfortunately, they are often confused by claims from various sources advertising that it is easy to get contract with health insurers outside their market. The truth is, very few insurers cover "elective medical tourism" procedures, per se.

In this practical skills-building workshop,  Maria Todd covers the information you must know before you approach insurers and employers, including the types of group health purchasers you may encounter, what they want to buy, how they want to buy it, and what you must be able to provide as a compelling argument to do business with you.

Go deeper!  

Learn the things that all the panel presentations at international conferences don't have the time or presenter know-how to deliver.

  • Debunk the myths about expensive international hospital accreditation requirements
  • Learn how to contract for healthcare services in both fee-for-service and bundled package prices
  • Learn where to find more than 210,000 free leads to contact American businesses that sponsor their own health benefit program apart from the big insurance brands
  • Learn how to conduct introductory fam tours for group health purchasers
  • Learn how to analyze and negotiate insurance reimbursement contracts
  • Learn when and how to best negotiate "cashless" arrangements and guarantee letters, and with which companies
  • Learn the difference between pricing for group health versus pricing for individual consumers paying out-of-pocket
  • Learn how to attract and negotiate with travel accident and casualty insurers
  • Learn how to attract and negotiate with group health buyers for expatriates living within a reasonable travel distance from your clinic or hospital
  • Learn how to present the credentials and professional qualifications of  your physicians, hospitals, nurses, and therapists

CEU Credits: 14 hours

Contracting with American Insurers and Employers

Contracting with American Insurers and Employers is a focused, three-day, hands-on workshop that covers product and pricing strategies, and teaches participants how to analyze and negotiate complex American insurer contracts for healthcare services reimbursement.

This class is designed for international hospital and clinic managers, executives, and marketers outside the USA. Maria Todd takes class participants through an overview of 25 payer organization and insurer types, typical American health insurer reimbursement models, and purchasing objectives. As a former contract negotiator for a large HMO and several self-insured employer plans, she brings you the rare insights and highlights the concerns of payer and employers of American insurers and employers.

About the instructor:

Join Maria Todd as she brings you 21 hours of education teach you the things that panel presentations at medical tourism conferences and events cannot teach in ten-minute presenter slots.  She'll bring you tools, tips, checklists, and techniques to improve your contract negotiations and prepare you for success. Maria Todd is the only expert in the world with 30+ years of hands on payor contracting experience, hospital and clinic management experience, and medical tourism business development experiences. This training is not available anywhere else in the world.  The unique perspective she brings from this rare combination of hands-on professional work experience is sure to benefit your organization and give you a competitive edge and better, more profitable contracts.

  • Get into the minds of your buyers and create proposals that are relevant and compel them to want to do business with you.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from ambiguous contract terms that could end up costing you margin and risk of cost overruns and loss.
  • Learn what you must do to protect yourself from denied claims after you've already pre-authorized treatment.
  • Learn how to poke holes into illusory payment rates and set reasonable payment expectations
  • Learn what it will take to make assurances of compliance responsibility you've agreed to by contract
  • Learn which accreditation schemes are acceptable and how the group health purchasers really view and what value they place on international hospital accreditation
  • Learn about professional liability requirements, hospital-acquired and avoidable complications and "Never Events" for which you may be denied payments

CEU Credits: 21 hours

How to Buy Medical Tourism Services for Group Health

How to Buy Medical Tourism Services for Group Health is a one-day, information packed workshop for ERISA and Taft Hartley plan sponsors and plan administrators. This course is designed to take you through benefit design issues, vetting and provider /destination selection for both domestic and international health travel benefit design, operations, and provider network development.

empgdeMTEmployers can use health travel benefit options to create a narrow network program of 4-6 destination options for specific types of procedures. Maria Todd, author of The Employers' Guide of Medical Tourism Benefit Design applies her knowledge of ERISA and Taft-Hartley regulations, plan administrator concerns, bundled case rate strategies and disintermediated negotiation with healthcare suppliers to help participants understand the issues, risks, and benefit satisfaction concerns associated with the launch of a medical travel program.

She shares insights on actuarial and underwriting hurdles, population health and incidence frequency for cases that are best for medical tourism. She also discusses how medical travel can reduce or mitigate risks for Cadillac tax liability, and how to develop or incorporate a private exchange program that can include a medical travel benefit. She discusses how many of the services can be allowable under IRC-213D, and how to structure a health travel limited expense, reimbursement only HRA program or utilize the benefit with HRA and HSA or flex account programs.

She also explains how your lasered claims and conditions can benefit from a domestic or international medical travel option steered to Centers of Excellence and better outcomes.

CEU Credit: 7 contact hours

International Hospital Accreditation: See Past the Bias

In this one-day, critical analysis workshop, Maria Todd reviews the realities and misconceptions about the perceived and real value of international hospital accreditation as it relates to medical tourism and health travel.

Get the insight you need to put accreditation in context.
Before you invest about $250,000 on preparation, gap analyses, mock surveys, document creation, consultants, fees, and surveyor travel costs and fees, for 3 years, you should attend this informative program that will send you home with insights on which accreditation scheme will benefit you the most, how buyers really perceive the value of accreditation, and how group health insurers view the extra cost layer to have a licensed logo plastered on your marketing materials and break-even pricing formulas.

Who should attend:
Hospital and clinic managers, quality managers, international patient department managers, medical tourism facilitators, tour operators, travel agents and economic development officials at medical tourism destinations.

About the Instructor:
Maria Todd has been guiding hospitals, healthcare facilities, ambulatory surgery centers and long-term care facilities through the process of accreditation preparation, inspection surveys and remediation of deficiencies. She and her team have decades of experience in guiding organizations from 15 countries through accreditation and re-accreditation readiness. But she has also worked on the buyer side at insurance companies and with employers and unions who purchase group health solutions from accredited hospitals and health facilities, academic medical centers and same day surgery centers and office-based surgery providers for the last twenty years. Learn what value and significance they place on accreditation before you try to sell them on the fact that you have it or are planning to seek accreditation. The insights may surprise you!

CEU Credits: 7 hours

Kickstart Your International Patient Department

In Kickstart Your International Patient Department, veteran medical tourism expert, Maria Todd, shares more than 3 decades of practical experience from projects in the USA and abroad. She brings her experience from working as a hospital administrator and ambulatory surgery center CEO, and work as a medical tourism facilitator, surgical nurse and insurance provider contracting manager to teach workshop participants about what's involved in planning and launching an international patient services department at a hospital or ambulatory surgery center.

Whether you are planning to integrated existing assets or those that must be developed into a campus setting similar to the model at the Cleveland Clinic at its headquarters in Ohio, or you have a smaller scale operation in mind stitched together from local value chain suppliers, Maria can explain what's involved and how to prepare.  She provides sample template workflows, checklists, job descriptions and skills requirements, quality documentation templates, and sample forms, policies and procedures developed over 3 decades of work in the industry. There's no other place you can take this course except from Maria Todd, because it is not offered at international conferences and congresses where speakers are only permitted 10 minute panel presentations and 60-90 minute breakout sessions.  No other expert has the combination of healthcare administration, medical tourism business development, surgical nursing and healthcare provider contracting across a 30+ year career. Maria will share lessons learned and practical tools, tips, and techniques to shorten your learning curve, accelerate your go to market timeline, and avoid costly oversights and mistakes.

CEU Credits: 7 hours

Medical Tourism for Travel Agents

Medical tourism is a growing industry and travel agents have as much chance (if not more) to succeed in developing a medical tourism referral agency as any medical tourism facilitator. They just have to want to do so.

About the Instructor

Maria Todd was a travel agent with AAA's WorldWide Travel Agency more than 30 years ago before transitioning to healthcare administration and surgical nursing. She is one of the very few in the industry with strong travel business experience as an agent, tour operator, hotel inspector, and travel planner who then added the skills from nursing and healthcare to become a tour de force in the health tourism and wellness travel industry.

In this two-day workshop designed especially to fill in the gaps for professional travel counselors, Maria Todd explains what travel agents must know or study to become medical tourism powerhouses. The advantage that a travel agent has over a medical tourism facilitator is the access to the GDS, IATA registrations to be able to book commissionable packages for tours, hotels, spas, resorts, and area attractions. Facilitators are unable to do this without IATA credentials, nor are they able to use the GDS to book airline tickets. Maria Todd takes the professional travel counselor with experience and teaches the nuance of medical travel planning, risk mitigation, and bolts on the medical services component to their existing knowledge.

In this three day Medical Tourism for Travel Agents workshop, Maria begins with an overview of the medical travel industry, how it works, where the key destinations are and their strengths.

From there, she begins explaining the language of medicine, dentistry, rehabilitation, using an approach that combines prefixes, roots and suffixes. Combined with an overview of applied anatomy and physiology, the professional travel counselor is then able to decipher the medical needs and converse at a more educated level with healthcare professionals.

Once the terminology has been reviewed, she uses scaffolding teaching strategies to connect the new and old background knowledge to teach participants about the more common medical procedures that are appropriate for a new medical tourism planner with minimal risk. She integrates realia (real life) tangible objects and lessons into the workshop syllabus to explain the procedures, instruments, wound approaches and how they all interrelate to travel planning and accommodation choices for medical tourism clients.

To accelerate application and assimilation of lessons learned, each student receives a USB drive with a variety of templates, checklists, inspection guides for use during hospital, hotel and airport site visits, ground transportation inspections and package supplier collaboration. Students also learn the significance of hospital accreditations, certifications and how to contract for services so that the travel agent avoids taking untoward risk for medical and other service organizations. Finally workshop participants learn how to market and advertise for medical tourism services and charge for their professional coordination services. Template contract models are supplied as a part of the handouts for take home use.

Who should attend:
Travel agents with 3-5 years of full time, professional work experience.

CEU Credits: 21 contact hours

Meeting the Needs of the Health & Wellness Tourism Travelers through Big Data

Health and wellness tourism travelers have special needs in addition to general travel needs. Savvy marketers of health and wellness tourism products and programs realize these and meet these needs with compelling solutions. If you don't understand your target market or have no target, it will be almost impossible to get traction for your health and wellness tourism destination and the services you sell.

Today, travelers seek personalized experiences in hotels, spas hospitals, clinics and destination activities whether it involves streaming their own content, exercising in the hotel gym exactly how they like, fluffy foam or feather pillows, or exploring local neighborhoods with guidance from their destination advisors. The closer you can come to matching how they live at home and and translate that to how they live on the road, the more relevant and compelling your offer will be. Especially if you can make your offer seamless and worry free. The crux of this is relevant amenities. You can't do either if you aren't able to identify your target customer's needs, travel habits, dining preferences and entertainment and leisure time activities preferences - and tolerances post operatively.

About the instructor:
Maria Todd is the editor in chief of Medical Tourism Destinations of Distinction, a new lifestyle and travel magazine that features 3 health and wellness destinations each issue. In this one-day workshop, Meeting the Needs of the Health & Wellness Tourism Travelers through Big Data, Maria Todd shares the importance of big data and its translation into information that is useful to create compelling campaigns, destination package offers, and market them digitally.

In this workshop, participants look at the broader trends that are happening in health and wellness tourism, the trends towards personalized amenities and really knowing the guest. Maria Todd also examines branding and how that translates within brands at destinations. She explains the importance of building a technical infrastructure that can scale across all consumer touch points and the little nuances as well.

CEU Credits: 7 hours

Public Relations Techniques and Tactics for Medical Tourism Facilitators

Good public relations can put your medical tourism business in a favorable light, but it's a commitment of time that many medical tourism facilitators and referral agencies may not want to invest. In Public Relations Techniques and Tactics for Medical Tourism Facilitators, Maria Todd explains the reasons for engaging in public relations. For starters, doing so is affordable and easy on a startup's budget. While public relations demands a lot in terms of personal commitment, it is what you do when you aren't coordinating patient trips. Many medical tourism facilitators realize after they start the business just how precious time is. In the early days of your business, you may find that you have an abundance of time and very little cash to use for marketing, consulting, and business development.

About the instructor:
Maria Todd developed medical tourism booking software with 3 partners in Germany. She developed the first and only Globally Integrated Health Delivery System, a network of more than 6000 hospitals and 850,000 physicians and dentists and therapist across 5 continents. She has received widespread positive publicity, awards and interviews with numerous columnists and been hired to deliver the keynote addresses, plenary sessions and pre- and post-conference workshops at many industry events around the world. Unlike many speakers who talk about marketing and operating medical tourism referral agencies, Maria Todd shares more than 30 years of hands on experience and lessons learned to the workshop to the benefit of workshop participants.

Medical Tourism facilitators and referral agents who launch a public relations plan must first have a well-developed marketing program with a consistent and professional image. Maria addresses how to know if you are ready and how to pitch your value proposition to gain media trust and attention. She explains how to market yourself and your expertise to your local media as the local medical tourism destination and services expert, She explains how and when to seek out speaking opportunities, how to pitch articles for local media outlets, how and when to provide press releases, give interviews to the media and participate in local chamber of commerce and other networking events. She explains how to tie your campaigns and activities together so that everything appears professional and supports the other actions and tactics. Maria explains how success begins with attention to details such as your email account and carries through to your social media, advertising, email marketing, website and blog. These should all have an internal consistency and goes a long way to crafting your brand image.

In Public Relations Techniques and Tactics for Medical Tourism Facilitators, you'll learn the one thing many novices are unclear about: the objective of the reporters. You'll come to understand how uninterested they are in promoting your business. You'll come away with tactics you can use to pique their interest and come back to you time and time again when you meet their objectives for their story. Maria shares more insights about how to present comments so that they are not seen as shallow, unprepared, or biased. She challenges workshop participants to prepare good story ideas and quotes to supply to the media in exercises performed in class.

CEU Credit: 7 hours



Maria Todd frequently presents workshops, Master Classes, webinars and seminars for hospitals, clinics, trade associations, professional societies and also gives guest lectures at medical staff meetings and university programs.  In addition, she often conducts focused, custom training programs onsite for clients including the Cleveland Clinic, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, the Korean Health Industry Development Group, The Monterrey Health Tourism Cluster, The Republic of South Africa, Opus Dei Health Systems, Adventist Health, Trinity Health (formerly Catholic Healthcare East), Order of St Francis, Gundersen Health, Spectrum Health, Marshfield Clinic, Pediatrix®, Glaxo, Bristol Myers Squibb, Allergan, the Veterans Administration, KCI, Hill Rom, and hundreds of other leading brands in the healthcare industry.

Maria trains physicians and healthcare executives on the business and operational issues related to health and wellness tourism business development and operations. Regardless of the approach you take to enter the market, there are best practices and practical lessons to be learned from the only health tourism expert in the world with more than 3 decades of practical experience. Learn what to build and why,  how to  connect with the market of consumers, insurers and employers curious about medical, dental and rehab tourism, dialysis tourism, wellness tourism, diagnostic testing, transplants and clinical trials tourism.

She trains healthcare professionals and executives, government authorities, investors, and about how to plan, budget and launch your new medical tourism services, how you'll establish a trustworthy and competitive brand, how to establish your market position, how you'll collaborate with suppliers and referral partners, and how you'll contract and promote your new business model.  She also covers use of social media as a marketing strategy, reputation management for physicians, establishing professional brands for doctors and dentists, patient education materials, for patients, brochures, flyers and your website.

mht logo2015For the past several years, MHI's subsidiary, Mercury Health Travel has operated its program of MICE & Medicine®, a unique program for executive checkups at distinctive health tourism destinations.  She is often invited to give presentations to hospitals, clinics and industry events about how to structure this non-threatening "ice breaker" program to introduce a health tourism brand to business and non-business executive and high-net worth travelers.

Maria K Todd, MHA PhD

Chief Executive Officer
The Mercury Healthcare Companies
St George, Utah


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