Health Tourism Business Development

Since 1983, Maria Todd has helped hundreds of ambitious and extraordinary clients to grow and scale their unique game-changing medical, dental, rehabilitation and wellness businesses.

80 percent of these clients are still active.

Medical Tourism Startup

An Expert's Eyes

Learn how Maria Todd brings the eyes and perspective of a seasoned expert with 35 years of experience to medical tourism startups. Continue

Insurance Contracts

Contracts with Insurers

Learn how Maria Todd helps health travel and medical tourism suppliers win contracts with insurance companies and employers. Continue

Facilitator Training

Startup Program

Learn what training Maria Todd offers for new and established health tourism facilitators and for experienced travel agents seeking to expand their business. 



Destination Development

Medical Tourism Hubs

Nearly every state and province is home to a healthcare facility, acute, academic, inpatient or outpatient ambulatory surgery. According to all the online and published reports about medical tourism market size and potential, Continue

Hospital Readiness

Attract Patients  

Learn how Maria Todd helps hospitals and other health facilities attract new patients from outside their local market area Continue

Stem Cell Medical Tourism

Regenerative Medicine

Learn how Maria Todd helps stem cell and regenerative medicine providers connect with health travel and anti-aging patients seeking stem cell treatments.Continue

Dental Tourism Strategy

Dental Tourism Startup

Learn how Maria Todd helps dental clinics worldwide to attract new patients from outside their local market through dental tourism. Continue

Marketing Strategies

Learn how Maria Todd has helped health and wellness clinics and clinicians new to medical tourism plan, launch and execute marketing strategies that drive results without lots of capital. Continue

Hotel & Spa Readiness

Hospitality Readiness

Learn how Maria Todd uses 35+ years of experience to prepare accommodation partners to enter health and wellness tourism. Continue

Clinical Trials

Last Chance Therapies

Learn how Maria Todd helps principal investigators recruit study participants for clinical efficacy investigations on new drugs, devices and last chance therapies.Continue

Addiction Rehab

Treatment Programs

Learn how Maria Todd has helped alcohol, drug, gambling, sex addiction, and eating disorder providers attract new patients to their partial and full-inpatient treatment programs Continue

Maria Offers a Complimentary 15-minute Introductory Call

Kickstart Your Health and Wellness Tourism Program Development

Call or email Maria to schedule a brief discussion so you can explain your concern or situation and see if she can help. 

Learn more about working with Maria or inviting her to speak at your upcoming event.

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