Health Facilities Staff Training for Medical Tourism

Maria Todd trains medical tourism business administration team members in healthcare facilities around the world.

Whether you are a single location in need of training for your team, or a multi-national hospital and health system with hundreds of locations, Maria Todd has a solution for you.

Who is Maria Todd?

Maria Todd offers an effective path to learn the fundamentals and advanced concepts of health tourism business development, reception, admissions, and pricing  – all onsite in the convenience of your location.  She trains thousands of team members in hospitals and clinics around the world with her educational health tourism training program.  She is the author of 7 internationally-published, peer-reviewed books on medical tourism business development, medical tourism facilitation, conducting site inspections, marketing health and wellness tourism and has advanced degrees in Healthcare Business Administration. You can't name any other trainer with those credentials, anywhere in the world. She's the only one!

What she does.

Maria Todd trains people of all abilities to become better, more confident team members working in or responsible for international patient department operations and workflows.  She provides a premium, scalable, cost-effective professional development program to develop and up skill internal staff members. Maria facilitates nearly all of the training.  You encourage your team to learn and participate. Most intensive training courses are completed in one week or less without staff travel costs and there are no worthless certifications. You'll pay less for medical tourism services fees to external contractors. Protect your brand, boost your employees' productivity, and raise earnings all for one low fee that includes her travel and all training materials, forms, worksheets, and policies and procedures.

How she does it.

Maria Todd's health tourism training program for hospitals and clinics provides your team with access to 40 hours of training, but can be customized to meet your specific needs. Additionally, employee goals can be established to address job specific training. Maria draws upon her experience as a former hospital administrator, business office manager, surgical nurse, revenue cycle expert, patient care coordinator, health tourism facilitator and medical case manager. She brings the knowledge and hands-on experience that no other consultant in health tourism offers, anywhere in the world. Know how that has been developed and refined over the past 36 years.

Attract New Talent
Develop Your Staff
Lower Attrition
Improve Quality of Care
Boost Morale
Improve Guest Satisfaction
Monitor employee progress

Healthcare executives and managers are able to access on-demand administrative tools and data to monitor student progress, quiz scores, level of engagement, student assignment submissions, and average course grade.

Reporting & program evaluation

For multiple facility clients, reports can be generated by month, by hospital or clinic and/or region, and even by brand (if applicable) indicating new locations as they join the program, aggregate month-by-month summary of engagement, course completions and student evaluations. 

Health & wellness training

Maria Todd's curriculum covers traditional professional medical tourism facilitation and case management material and also teaches next generation travel agents the medical travel planning concepts and altitude physiology fundamentals that meet the demands of today’s health conscious clientele. 

Assessments & certifications

Assessments provide employees with feedback and a sense of professional development as they progress through the course. Graded assessments include online quizzes, text and assignment submissions and live-graded activities where staffers demonstrate competencies to Maria Todd and to their supervisors. 

Branding & white-labeling

Clients may opt to have us prepare a branded version of the course, powered by the Healthcare Business Institute's learning management system and with brand-specific messaging, corporate images, automated engagement emails from key leaders and more. 

Hands-on and engaging content

Maria Todd has developed a training program for the health and wellness tourism industry that complete changes the direction of industry training for this niche domain. The program is cost effective and globally relevant that enables the delivery of practical and specialized elements and learning objectives to advance the careers of your key health tourism department personnel.

Coming Soon to!

Maria Todd and her team have been working long hours on a new learning management system that will hold instructional videos, lessons, quizzes and online training. There will be many courses available online as well as onsite training and personal coaching. Check back often to watch our progress.

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