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Thank you for your interest in speaking with me and/or retaining my services. Please note that I receive a lot of requests to chat (sometimes several per day), and while I enjoy connecting with people, my work is very demanding and requires concentration at the deepest levels. Like any other business owner, I must remain focused on earning revenue and growing margins. In this regard, I provide a suite of services — from keynote speaking to strategy consulting and private coaching and corporate training services. I also derive income from event promotions — which you can learn more about here. If you are interested in speaking with me for networking purposes, please reference my policy on calls.


I genuinely appreciate your interest in speaking with me, retaining my services, and/or request for my time and feedback. Please note that I receive a lot of requests to chat (several per day), and while I enjoy connecting with people, my work is very demanding and I must focus on existing client assignments and promised deadlines.  In this regard, I provide a suite of services — from keynote speaking to strategic consulting and entity plus event promotions — all of which you can learn more about elsewhere on this page. I rarely take impromptu calls because my schedule availability is driven by blocks of time committed to clients have prepaid for those blocks through retainer agreements.

As a social entrepreneur in the domains of healthcare business administration and health tourism and travel business administration, my mission is to make the world a better place via evangelizing and educating all stakeholders about contracting with third-party payers, selling health services to consumers, and health travel and tourism destination and program development. Social entrepreneurs promote and support innovation, sustainability, reach and social impact with the work that they do and how they  help others. I bring practical and innovative approaches to your project using market principles and forces. I break through many of the dogma and push my clients to take calculated risks others might never dare. I help them to establish measured and monitored impact. Data, both qualitative and quantitative are my primary tools, along with continuous feedback and improvement. I help my clients drive change.   I focus on the social and/or ecological value creation and help my clients optimize the financial and brand value creation for their business.

I educate clients on what’s happening around the globe, and what it means for all of us, thereby catalyzing and accelerating the benefits. While the mission of a social entrepreneur is not to make money first, it doesn’t mean that I can work without compensation. My time is very valuable to me — as I’m sure yours is to you — and if you wish to speak with me or have other requests for my time I’m happy to engage you as part of my consulting services. Payment for this is due in advance via PayPal, check or wire transfer and must be tendered prior to scheduling any calls or meetings.


Upon payment in advance, I’m happy to schedule an initial 30-minute introductory phone or Skype call with you to understand your business needs and see if there is a fit for my services. The first 15 minutes of the call are provided at no charge. My professional fee for your initial introductory call is USD $150, payable in advance via PayPal.

I’m also available for one-hour strategy or coaching sessions, in which we can review and discuss your product/solution, business strategy, model, and plan, the competitive ecosystem & market landscape, and I will provide feedback plus make salient recommendations.  My professional fee for your one-hour strategy or coaching session is USD $400, payable in advance via PayPal.  Additional time is billed immediately after the call in 1/10th hour increments.


In addition, I’m happy to sign a NDA in advance and to review your materials, but I require payment of additional fees for my time to do this in advance of our call at the rate of USD $100 per 15 minutes.

Payment is due in advance via PayPal before I’ll schedule any meetings or conversations or agree to review any materials.


Some clients request exclusivity from me which prohibits me from accepting work assignments and projects from their named competitors. Please also note that if your standard NDA includes a non-compete or exclusivity provision, additional fees apply. These fees place me on an exclusive retainer and are charged for the duration of your exclusivity arrangement to cover the lost opportunities I would otherwise have from other paying clients who may compete with you. They cover no additional work; only that I will not accept other work in accordance with specific parameters you require. Additional work you require during the period of exclusivity is charged at my usual and customary rates.

100% of the non refundable exclusivity fee is due in advance without exception.

A breakdown of my speaking, consulting, and entity and event promotion services:



  • Keynote and corporate speaking
  • Strategy and innovation consulting and workshops
  • Commercialization, R&D, new product or service line development and launch strategy
  • Payer contracting strategy, outsourced contract analysis, recommendations, and negotiation with health insurers and employers, and government payers
  • Investor guidance and due diligence consultation
  • Market analysis and go-to-market strategy
  • One-hour strategy & coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or in-person. (Please note, I prefer not to use Facebook, Messenger, or WhatsApp for business communications.)
  • Business and partner development and strategy
  • Physician employment contract review


  • Any commission or contingency arrangements: I will not share or promote your business products or services, assist with business development, or perform any other services in this type of arrangement.
  • Bartering, co-promotion, or similar partnering arrangements
  • Investing: I am not an angel, personal, early-stage, seed, or venture capital investor, hence I have no interest in reviewing your startup or solution without compensation for my time and professional expertise.
  • Executive recruiter-type services, e.g. finding candidates, passing along, or sharing job requisitions (Note: You can post jobs in the Jobs section of my LinkedIn and Facebook Groups.)
  • Digital/social media strategy, (I am Google certified in digital marketing) coaching, execution and social marketing management
  • Any commission or contingency arrangements for business, organization, entity, event, and conference promotion or fam tour sourcing for hosted buyers, brokers, insurance companies, employers, and referral agents.
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