Free Checklist: Health & Wellness Tourism Readiness For Hotels, Spas, B&Bs and Resorts

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Maria Todd helps a limited number of ambitious and extraordinary clients to grow and scale their unique game-changing medical, dental, rehabilitation and wellness businesses

Will your business be our next success story?

By Maria K Todd, MHA PhD

CEO & Founder,
The Mercury Healthcare International group of companies

Chances are high that if you are in the hospitality industry, you’ve been reading about medical, dental, and wellness tourism in the media, at hotel and hospitality association meetings and events and local and regional economic development council forums

You may be located very close to a clinic, hospital or another type of healthcare facility to which patients and their companions travel to access healthcare from afar. These often guests require more than just a place to sleep and call headquarters while they are visiting your area, even though they may not require admission to the health facility overnight.

No matter how many stars or diamonds you’ve earned by the recognized hotel rating systems…

  • Is your hotel, spa, B&B or resort a candidate to accommodate their special needs?
  • Are you sure? What if you aren’t?
  • Are you ready to risk your excellent brand reputation and social media ratings?

And if you are, what strategy will you deploy and with whom to get the word out that you are ready and can prove it? What story will you tell? What message will you communicate?

Global Health Sources, a Mercury Healthcare International company established in 2003 brings you the training and model protocols, policies and procedures to help you and your staff to prepare to welcome health and wellness travelers and to work more closely with doctors, dentists, and tourism destination managers and referral partners. Then we introduce you to providers, destination coordinators and referral agencies that influence guest choices.

Our experts have been working hands with the medical tourism industry since 1978.

“Certificates, plaques and logos on a website don’t translate to more bookings or higher ADR. Show guests & referral influencers how much you care, how well-prepared you are to care for health and wellness guests and that your staff is ready and waiting to welcome and pamper them.”


About the Author


Maria Todd began working in medical tourism in 1978. She worked with a leading national travel agency and automobile association as a hotel inspector for several years.

Her first medical tourism hotel project was in 1983, when she was the principal project manager to lead a family of local South Florida physician investors to purchase an abandoned, hurricane damaged 90-room beachfront hotel property. Together, they and transformed the property into a lavish, licensed and state-accredited, senior memory care center with 76 serviced apartments and a 14-suite cosmetic surgery respite and recovery spa resort for medical tourism patients. The property featured a common nursing station, a common dining area for memory care residents and private spa cuisine dining area for medical tourism guests.

At a time when there was no such thing as internet marketing, within 3 months of grand opening, occupancy was at a constant 92%. Over the ensuing two years, they completed two more acquisitions and transformations – all three successful in meeting and exceeding early term revenue projections.

If you want to grow your year-round hotel occupancy and penetrate the health and wellness tourism sector successfully, call her to talk about your situation and objectives. She’ll tell you if she can help and how. The initial call is without cost or obligation. Within 3 months you can be greeting and delighting long-stay medical, dental and wellness tourism guests and realizing tremendous boots in ADR.


Anticipating Special Needs

  • Mobility challenges
  • Visual and auditory challenges
  • Lighting and power requirements
  • HVAC comfort controls
  • Protocols for when medical guests feel unwell while in public areas
  • Protocols for when medical guests feel unwell in their room

Special Needs FF&E

  • Deluxe hospital bed (rental or in storage)
  • Other rental medical equipment available
  • Reclining Chair available
  • Bolster pillows and cushions available
  • In-room refrigeration for medications and snacks
  • Loaner wheelchair, crutches, canes available
  • Shower chairs, shoe horns, etc. available
  • Special needs room layout considerations

Allergies and sensitivities

  • Laundry and linens
  • Vanity Amenities
  • Food and beverage considerations and protocols
  • Plants, organic matter, dust and pest control protocols
  • Lighting and noise considerations
  • Air exchange considerations

Risk management

  • Fall and trip hazards
  • Electrical shock hazards
  • Water hazards
  • Window and balcony hazards
  • Security / Vulnerability / CCTV
  • Shelter-in-Place considerations
  • Emergency egress / Alternative egress
  • Bloodborne and other pathogens handling by staff


  • Internet access & reliability
  • In-room entertainment
  • Special foods & beverages
  • Turndown service considerations
  • Bathroom amenities
  • Laundry services
  • Transfers to and from clinic

Health & Wellness Tourism Preparation For Hotels, Spas, B&Bs and Resorts

If you decide there’s more to this than you originally thought, we’ll conduct an on-site assessments, gap analysis, propose any training and remediation you may need to fill deficiencies, and then prepare a marketing strategy and all the marketing communications materials you’ll need and introduce you to referral influencers (e.g., doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics, tour operators, travel agencies, destination coordinators and medical tourism referral agents.)

You’ll be delighting long-stay medical tourism guests and boosting ADR in less than 3 months.

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