Health Tourism Destination Development

Unleash Opportunities, Boost Economies, Create Jobs, and Enhance Patient Safety and security

Health tourism destination development unlocks the potential of medical facilities, transportation, and hospitality services to cover every requirement needed by a medical travel patient. 

Transform Your Destination into a Health Tourism Hub when you call on internationally-recognized expert, Maria Todd. She guides medical facilities, dining outlets, specialist physicians, local government authorities, ground transportation and aviation, and hospitality services partners into a destination ready for business. 

For International Medical Facilities and Providers:

Promote your internationally-accredited  state-of-the-art medical facilities and providers through uniquely-tailored strategies, guidance, and expertise. from Maria Todd. Ensure quality healthcare that attracts health travel patients.

  • Medical Facility Planning: Are you starting from scratch? Retrofitting is expensive! Design and develop our facility aligned with international standards from the beginning. 
  • Provider Training and Staff Development: Empower your healthcare professionals with global competencies and cultural sensitivities to attract a wide audience of revenue generating patients.
  • Patient-Centered Care Models: Crafting patient experiences that resonate with a wide variety global travelers of all ages, cultures, languages and backgrounds. Earn accreditation from programs that are respected by international employers and insurers. Maria helps you master the cultural nuances of medical patients from five continents to warmly welcome them to your destination for care.


Seamless transportation is the backbone of health travel. But altitude physiology for long medical trips is often ignored or sacrificed at the risk of serious complications. With Maria Todd’s guidance, your aviation and ground transportation partners will create integrated and collaborative transportation services that ensure patient convenience and safety.

  • Transportation Strategy and Planning: Organize medical travel logistics with the nuances specific to medical and dental travel. 
  • Patient Transportation Solutions: Tailored services for patients and accompanying travelers to accommodate for cases, splints, assistive devices, wheelchairs, and more.
  • Compliance and Safety Protocols: Ensuring adherence to international standards for  advance notification for assistance at airports for people with mobility challenges.

Hospitality Services:

Overview: Hospitality services make health tourism a memorable experience. Let Maria Todd guide your hotels, guest houses, resorts, and food and beverage outlets in crafting hospitality solutions that impress and influence international patients to choose your destination over all the rest.

  • Accommodation Planning and Management: Hotels, resorts, and recovery centers aligned with patient needs. Maria brings checklists and recommended  low-cost improvements that make a difference.
  • Patient and Companion-Focused Amenities: Customized amenities for comfort, security, and pleasure while recuperating from care.
  • Cultural Sensitivity Training: Maria will train your teams to ensure understanding and respect for global diversities in relation to confidential and sensitive health services.

Call on Maria Todd Today!

Maria Todd is the the leading expert in domestic and international health tourism program development. She’ll elevate your medical facilities, transportation, aviation partners and hospitality services to a reputation as a globally prepared destination. Start by exploring her internationally-published books for insights that have shaped the industry globally since 1977.

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"Maria Todd came to our location in a small rural community with a Medicare-certified hospital, a cluster of Marriott-branded hotels, a tiny general aviation airport, Uber, Lyft, and taxi services and restaurants within walking distance. In three hours, she had everyone talking and collaborating. Two weeks later, we were ready. Three years later, we've hosted 30 patients for orthopedic joint replacement procedures."
- City Manager
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