Compliance with Healthcare Price Transparency

Empowering Healthcare Providers to Comply with Price Transparency Regulations that Enhance Trust and Patient Satisfaction

Unlock the Power of Price Transparency for our Hospital, ASC or Medical Group

In the age of informed healthcare decisions, price transparency is more than a compliance requirement; it’s a patient’s right and your weaponized competitive advantage. 

Maria Todd, is the leading expert in  the USA who specializes in implementing effective price transparency strategies for hospitals, ASCs, and medical group practices. Partner with Maria and transform the way you present healthcare costs.

How Maria Todd Can Help:

  • Price Transparency Audits: Evaluate current pricing strategies and identify areas for improvement.
  • Compliance Alignment: Ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements in machine readable price disclosure.
  • Patient-Friendly Pricing Models: Design and implement clear, accessible, reliable, all-inclusive pricing structures.
  • Technology Integration: Leverage Price Bundlr™ to provide real-time, accurate price information and quotes on the fly when you need them.
  • Set Patient Expectations: Post prices on your website along with rules for cash pay discounts and insurance benefits.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored strategies aligned with the unique needs of hospitals, ASCs, and medical group practices.


“Maria Todd transformed our approach to price transparency. Her insights and strategies have not only ensured compliance but also elevated patient loyalty and trust.” – CAH Administrator

“Working with Maria our pricing structure is simplified and more accessible to patients. The impact on our patient satisfaction returns have been remarkable.” – ASC Manager

Call on Maria Todd Today!

A globally recognized healthcare business strategist, Maria Todd has been refining her proprietary methods to create package pricing with price integrity. Price Bundlr™ is the culmination of this relentless pursuit of excellence, reflecting her deep commitment to innovation in healthcare.

Are you ready to embrace price transparency and take your patient trust to the next level? Contact Maria Todd today to explore customized solutions designed for hospitals, ASCs, and medical group practices. Make healthcare pricing clear, fair, and accessible – because your patients deserve to know. 

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