Healthcare Cost Containment for Employers

Balancing quality care with Trust Fund Conservation constraints requires a thoughtful and nuanced approach

Healthcare cost containment is a pivotal concern for employers today. Balancing quality care with budget constraints requires a thoughtful and nuanced approach. With a focus on your unique needs, Alacrity MSO is like a TPA on steroids at a lower cost. Alacrity MSO offers expert solutions in healthcare cost containment designed by non other than Maria Todd, an expert who delivers high-quality, cost contained surgical case rates and care coordination without compromising care. Partner with Alacrity MSO by Maria Todd and take control of your healthcare spending.

Alacrity MSO Delivers Cost Containment Services for Employers and Unions

  • Cost Analysis & Reduction Strategies: Alacrity will analyze past claims spend and develop a tailored  plan to curb unnecessary spending.
  • Surgical Redirection Programs: Implementing redirection initiatives  for surgery reduces healthcare costs while increasing benefits satisfaction.
  • Insurance Negotiation & Management: Bypass higher claims costs that insurers and ASOs through local network access
  • Utilization Review & Management: Ensuring that healthcare resources are used effectively and appropriately.
  • Compliance & Risk Mitigation: Maria aligns recommended strategies with IRS and DOL regulatory requirements, under ERISA and Taft Hartley to reduce potential compliance and plan fiduciary risks.

How Self-funded Employers and Unions Benefit from Alacrity MSOs Healthcare Cost Containment Solutions:

  • A Personalized Approach: Strategies customized to fit your organization’s specific needs and goals, location by location. 

  • Experienced Guidance: Leverage decades of expertise in nursing, case management, health travel and claims cost containment for employers.

  • Sustainable Savings: Achieve ongoing cost reductions and conservation of trust assets without sacrificing the quality of healthcare.

  • Vetted Providers and Accredited Surgical Facilities: Alacrity MSO identifies and contracts with a commitment to identify and utilize providers mindful of cost containment without being forced to do so. Their innovations and quality speak for themselves. 

  • Comprehensive Support: End-to-end case management, logistics management and travel coordination coupled with integrated solutions for pre- and post-op care and diagnostics. Continuous monitoring of outcomes prove you received value for money and good care.


“Our healthcare spending has been reduced significantly thanks to the thoughtful strategies Alacrity MSO provided. And the quality of care remains excellent.” – Benefits Administrator, Municipal Government

“The surgical redirection programs Alacrity MSO implemented have not only reduced our healthcare costs but also improved employee satisfaction and clinical outcomes. A win-win solution!” – CEO

“We saved over $100,000 on six cases – including three hernia repairs!” – Native American Tribal Benefit Manager

Call on Maria Todd Today!

If rising healthcare costs are crushing your bottom line, Alacrity MSO will craft an expert solution tailored for your company or union. 

Contact us today to explore customized strategies that will optimize your spending, enhance employee benefits satisfaction, improve surgical outcomes, reduce lasered claims and drive sustainable savings.”

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