Patient-Facing Event Marketing

Attract Hundreds of Cases with 80% or Higher Conversion on First Office Visit

Connecting patients with groundbreaking medical advancements has never been more personal or effective. Maria Todd’s “Dinner with the Doc” events prove her methods work and have driven results with hundreds of successful cases in robotic joint replacement, bariatric surgery, stem cell procedures, and more. With an astonishing conversion rate of 80% or higher on the first office visit after the event, Maria’s unique approach makes healthcare innovation accessible and appealing.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Create the marketing collateral: Maria works with designers to create the advertising collateral that will be sent out by mail on a selected “drop zone” that drops every door.
  • Intimate and Engaging Format: Patients dine with medical experts, fostering a comfortable environment for learning and curiosity. They sell themselves on the concepts being explained. 
  • Cutting-Edge Medical Introductions: Showcase new procedures and technologies, such as robotic joint replacement, bariatric surgery, and stem cell procedures. Invite your home health and DME vendors to participate in the event and showcase their brands. Sharing the limelight defrays costs for all concerned. Maria brings the co-operative advertising contracts that you’ll use to share costs and remain compliant.
  • Impressive Conversion Success: Maria’s unmatched 80% or higher conversion rates on the first office visit after the event are the norm.
  • Proven Track Record: Hundreds of successful surgical cases, reflecting the efficacy of this unique marketing strategy and bring the cost of patient acquisition down significantly.
  • Comprehensive Event Management: Maria Todd handles every aspects of the event, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.

Watch What Happens

  • Personalized Patient Connection: Foster strong relationships with potential patients in a relaxed and convivial setting.
  • Rapid Conversion Success: Achieve remarkable conversion rates through effective patient engagement. No selling involved!
  • Innovative Marketing Approach: While everyone else keeps posting on social channels you leverage a proven marketing strategy that aligns with modern patient needs the way they want to learn about you.
  • Showcase the Latest Innovations: Position your practice, reputation, personality, and differentiation as the local authority at the forefront of medical advancements.


“Results from our ‘Dinner with the Doc’ events have grown our practice significantly. We can count on about 8-12 cases per event. Maria knows this business like no other consultant we engaged in the past.” – Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon

“These events have allowed us to introduce innovative procedures in a way that resonates with patients. Maria Todd’s approach is authentic and unparalleled.” – Bariatric Surgery Specialist

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Public speaking isn’t for everybody, but if you are ready to connect with patients like never before, Maria Todd’s ‘Dinner with the Doc’ events are your pathway to success.
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