Price Bundlr™ Software from Maria Todd

Healthcare Pricing with Price Bundlr™: Maria Todd's Proprietary Software for Bundled Price Integrity

In an era of transparency and complexity, Price Bundlr™ by Maria Todd was designed to ensure bundled price integrity for episodes of care. It transforms how healthcare providers create package pricing and establish margins. With methods refined over 40+ years, currently in the preliminary patent application, Price Bundlr™ will transform healthcare pricing going forward.

Price Bundlr™ Software:

  • Uses Intelligent Pricing Algorithms: Maria uses her proprietary algorithms to create accurate and fair package pricing.
  • Enables Customizable Bundles for Various Care Episodes: Tailor-made solutions for  your brand of healthcare.
  • Allows for Seamless Integration with Existing Systems: Smooth  out the wrinkles when you use SIS or other ASC software programs and implement bundles within your current infrastructure.
  • Helps with Real-Time Analysis and Reporting: If something changes in costs, overheads, surgeon skin-to-skin time, or changes in hardware and implants, instant changes can be managed for maintenance in pricing integrity by procedure, surgeon, and CPT code combinations.

Benefits of Implementing Price Bundlr™:

  • Innovative Pricing Solutions: Utilize Maria Todd’s proprietary methods refined over years. She prepared her PhD dissertation on price integrity for bundled care more than 20 years ago!
  • Enhanced Price Integrity: The only way to know for sure that your pricing and margins are accurate  for transparent bundled pricing for every episode of care for every surgeon and every procedure code.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline your pricing process with this state-of-the-art tool. Create a bundled price in mere seconds. 
  • Competitive Edge: Stay safe on bundled prices with a solution that’s currently in the preliminary patent application stage. No one else has this anywhere on the planet!


“I’m convinced that Price Bundlr™ gave me the confidence and the power to transform our pricing strategy and publish transparent prices in minutes without the fear I had before.” – Hospital CFO

“Maria Todd’s innovation in Price Bundlr™ is a game-changer. It has brought defensible transparency and integrity to our pricing no matter how many specialties, surgeons, or procedures we’ve added or how much supply chain volatility we encounter.” – ASC Administrator

Price Bundlr™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Subscription. 

  • Access the software from the web.
  • No lengthy contracts.
  • Cancel with 30 days notice
  • Keep the prices you created forever, even if you cancel.
  • Nobody else sees your private cost data.

Call on Maria Todd Today!

A globally recognized healthcare business strategist, Maria Todd has been refining her proprietary methods to create package pricing with price integrity. Price Bundlr™ is the culmination of this relentless pursuit of excellence, reflecting her deep commitment to innovation in healthcare.

Embrace the future of healthcare pricing integrity. Learn how Price Bundlr™ can transform your pricing strategies for just pennies per case. 

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