Patient Redirection & Medical Travel Programs

Understand ERISA and Direct-with-Provider Contracts with Hospitals, ASCs, & Surgeons

With an unmatched understanding of ERISA and self-insured employer benefit plans, few consultants grasp direct-with-employer patient redirection programs  as well as Maria Todd. She wrote the  industry’s best-selling books on the subject. 

Maria will transform the way you deliver  and get paid for high-ticket health services. Her successes in crafting bundled payment arrangements for hospitals, ASCs, and surgeons, and her expertise in medical travel benefit development, make her the best choice among consultants in this domain area of expertise. 

Typical assignments include:

  • ERISA and Self-Insured Employer Benefits Insight: Leverage Maria’s deep knowledge of employer and TPA willingness to redirect members  to out of network/out-of-area providers under direct-with-provider contracts. Maria has the contacts and knows what they want to buy and what they’re willing to concede to trim unnecessary costs without sacrificing good quality care.
  • Customized Patient Redirection Programs: Tailored solutions for hospitals, ASCs, and surgeons to ensure seamless patient care.
  • Bundled Payment Arrangements: Few consultants know the payment models that benefit both providers and patients at this level. Maria has published on this topic for nearly 20 years and has been executing on it for close to 30 years. (And it’s nothing like BPCI!)
  • Medical Travel Program Development: Maria Todd is the only consultant in the world with 47+ years of experience and expertise in developing and integrating medical travel benefits into health benefit plans. Call on her for domestic or international assistance.


“Maria Todd’s knowledge of ERISA and her ability to create successful patient redirection programs have been instrumental in our hospital’s growth.” – Hospital CEO

“Her innovative bundled payment arrangements have revolutionized how our ASC operates. Maria Todd’s expertise is truly unmatched.” – ASC Administrator

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If you are ready to transform your contracting to include patient redirection programs, bundled payment arrangements, and medical travel services, connect with Maria Todd today. Embark on a new pathway that is centered on reducing time to cash and eliminating financial delays and costs with pre-paid surgeries tailored to your unique goals and audience

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