Help to Overturn Denied Claims

Transform Rejections into Revenues for Wrongfully Denied Claims

Denied claims are an opportunity to turn rejection into revenue with Maria Todd. With a unique perspective gained from working with one of the nation’s largest HMOs, and a track record of tens of thousands of successfully overturned denials since 1983, Maria offers unparalleled denials management expertise for hospitals, ASCs, and physicians. 

Typical assignments include:

  • Comprehensive Claim Analysis: Maria samples denied claims to identify appeal opportunities and identify wrongfully denied, appealable claims.
  • Customized Appeal Strategies: There are several reasons why a claim was denied. Some are extremely complicated because they don’t follow insurance regulated rules. 
  • ERISA vs Insurance Rules: Denied claims that are seemingly identical may not be because IRS and Department of Labor rules apply instead of insurance regulations. 
  • Coordination of Benefits Quagmires: Some denials are mired in the staggering rules and systems associated with coordination of benefits. 
  • Expert Litigation Support: Maria’s expertise has been sought by attorneys fighting stacks of wrongful denials in court, not just appealed with the carriers internally. Often claims denied for  lack of medical necessity are actually auditor errors driven by checklists. Leverage Maria’s clinical expertise to tailor  your appeals tactics using clinical insights and payer strategies learned from years of payer-side experience.
  • Full-Service Appeal Management: Complete handling of the appeal process, from submission to resolution … and bank deposits!
  • Education & Training: Call on Maria to train your staff to do what Maria does so they can handle future denied claims internally.


“Maria Todd’s approach to denied claims appeals is simply unparalleled. She’s paid for her fees hundreds of times over with substantial revenues we would have never pursued.” – Hospital Administrator

“With Maria’s guidance, our ASC saw a significant increase in successful appeals and prevented denials. One little tweak helped us blast RAC Auditors out our lives. Her clinical experience and ASC administrator know how is a game changer!” – ASC Administrator

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Don’t let denied claims stifle your revenue. Call on Maria Todd’s expertise, experience and proven track record of successes with appeals for hospitals, ASCs, and physicians. Get in touch today to start turning denials into cash.

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