Concierge Medical Practice Transition

Empower Your Independent Concierge Or Cash Pay Medical Practice To Drive Success

With an unprecedented track record successful concierge transitions since 2006, physicians and nurse practitioners can transition to a concierge practice with a customized approach that avoids franchise models and their fees.

Typical assignments include:

  • Desk and Field Market Research: You have already decided to launch a concierge or membership-model practice. But does the data indicate you’ll be successful? Get an unbiased expert’s feedback on if you should proceed in the direction you envisaged. Maybe it just needs a little tweak. Maybe it’s not feasible. Maybe you overlooked something. There’s too much to risk either way.
  • Personalized Strategy Development: Create a concierge practice model that aligns with your unique vision and values and practice style.
  • Transition to Non-Franchise Models: Maria works exclusively with independent entities, free from the limitations of franchise concierge medicine models and their brand standards and franchisee requirements. 
  • Comprehensive Planning & Implementation: From ideation to execution, Maria brings you a seamless transition to our new concierge practice, leveraging over 450 successful transitions since 2006. And she doesn’t sign on to take consulting fees from your practice for years into the future. 
  • Marketing & Patient Engagement: Avoid the 30% annual attrition that many practices experience when Maria brings proven concierge medical practice marketing strategies to attract and retain concierge patients.
  • Regulatory Compliance & Ethics: There are numerous ways to violate legal and ethical standards for concierge and direct primary care membership models. Let’s avoid them, shall we?
  • Ongoing Support & Success Monitoring: Like you, Maria is just a phone call away to provide continuous guidance to ensure the prosperity and delight with your new concierge practice.


“Maria Todd’s expertise was pivotal in our transition to concierge medicine. Her personalized approach set us apart from local competitors who paid high fees for far less support.” – Independent Primary Care Physician

“Our successful startup with Maria Todd’s guidance reflects her in-depth understanding of concierge medicine for independent nurse practitioners. My practice is now truly tailored and authentic to my way of delivering patient care.” – Nurse Practitioner

“Our employed PCP wanted to launch a concierge practice, so we called Maria Todd and she directed our efforts to make it happen. We are very pleased with the results.” – Hospital Administrator

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